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  1. Now it seems they removed the ban :). I use the "new" one I thinnk (if that is the "getResultsEx") one? (at least it works...)
  2. But why can I access thier stream server and get the songs if I use the tinySong API to retrive the songID? That seems stupid. Are they blocking based on IPaddress or something else? Maybe that change of ISP became higher prioritized :)
  3. I don't send shit it is when I access the grooveshark homepage via firefox and search for anything (like fear of the dark) I don't get any replies at all. Or if I look at the wireshark capture I see that I get lots of replies none which is the correct song at least. Using my own app I get the same result. 200 songs but none that works. Using tiny song I get a correct songID which I then can sedn to grooveshark to get the stream data. So my json can't be that bad... I'll get a wireshark trace later (I hope)
  4. Is there anyone else that has been "blocked" from grooveshark? I can't make searches via the web-browser on groovesharks home page (or i can but the results are all empty). The same thing happends if I use my own app to search with.If I however uses tinysong to make the search and then via my own gs app access groveshark I still can get the song. If I access grooveshark from another place (like my work) everything works like it should. Does anyone have a clue?
  5. Hi all I got a GrooveShark plugin going for PS3 Media Server. http://ps3mediaserver.org/forum/viewtopic....f=12&t=6861 (Streaming is cool)
  6. So how do you find out which songs taht work out of the 200? Is it this "verified" flag?
  7. http://tinysong.com/s/bob+dylan (for example) which is what goovewalrus uses. This gives you a page of format: http://tinysong.com/gGgN; 8637707; Blowing In The Wind; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; http://tinysong.com/ktXq; 304051; House Of The Risin' Sun; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; http://tinysong.com/gC8F; 2780646; Jokerman; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; http://tinysong.com/ktXd; 10437640; Everyone Must Get Stoned; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; http://tinysong.com/6HR3; 8014340; Fixin' to Die; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; http://tinysong.com/7gLe; 22130287; Like a Rolling Stone (live); 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; http://tinysong.com/6HRg; 8601216; House of the Rising Sun; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; http://tinysong.com/dOIA; 185832; Blowin In The Wind; 138; Bob Dylan; 187269; Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits; http://tinysong.com/6HRa; 7605302; Song to Woody; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan;http://tinysong.com/ktX8; 303990; In My Time Of Dyin'; 138; Bob Dylan; 209948; Bob Dylan; Now you can search direct to grooveshark by sending a message with method "getSearchResults". This works gives you a page there are zillions of more options (like rank etc) per song. However if I use the songIDs from that search I get songs which is gibbrish, if i use the songID from teh tinysong search I get the correct song.
  8. Hi all GrooveShark gurus. I've written a small java api to grooveshark and I'm noticed that when using the "getSearch..." method I get crappy song ids back. If I use tinysong to give me the song id I can download the song perfectly. I noticed that groovewalrus (tnx btw for an super program) uses tinyosng. Is tinysong to be perfered?
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