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  1. understandable. Thanks for the info.
  2. Hey guys, I used to be an active member (back in the days of Wess), but fell off the face of the planet for a couple of years. The USB rubber ducky brought me back, but while I was trying to edit my old profile, I keep getting this error: Any reasons? I wanted to update my email address, and add some info to my profile, but trying to edit anything causes this. Thanks guys, I appreciate the technolust!
  3. SloPOS


    The only problem i see, is that when the drive is removed, and the computer is restarted, it will disable the login lock, and then they can just hold shift to disable auto run, then format your flash drive. if they're stealing flash drives, they must be some sort of geek that could think of this. best of luck though. would be great for ipods, or other mp3 players.
  4. or, you could just hold 'shift' while plugging it in, to disable auto run, and format it...or as we say here...dedede!
  5. I actually found ( not 'found') a $100 while walkin my dog a while back...twas fun...i seem to be lucky with money...like i've found 20's 10's 5's, and now 100's! lol..nice 'find' though.
  6. I haven't been able to find it, yes even with google, but does anyone know how to use an old ipod for an external screen? I've been wanting to run system stats through it, because i have no other use for it as it has no HDD. It's an older 20gb, and it will power on fine, but no hdd. So if anyone has any ideas, i'd be pleased. thanks guys.
  7. I was getting the whole 'cannot save, make sure...firefox...blah blah" but i down graded to flash 8. Now it says that the Mp3 was saved, but it doesn't show up in the directory shown in the .properties file. What could be causing this? thanks guys.
  8. haha...that's a new record...the school blocked Hak5...took them only a week of me being on there...figures...now somthing must be done....we must bomb them!!! <note to any federal agents that may be, and probably are, watching these fourms, the previous statement was said jokingly only, and is not ment to be taken seriously> haha...
  9. ah..there inlies the problem. It's not a local network. It's set up by the county, and even the teachers are blocked. I know it bugs the shit outta them, and i'd be a hero if i found a way around it.
  10. ok...well...the whole firefox thing sounded nice, but i don't have an extra computer to run linux full time on, plus, isn't that a little dangerious. with the username thing, it's a generic username (student) that is used in all the classes. I basically wanted somthing that i could just run, and get out b4 next class. The proxy thing takes too much time for just one period, and for some reason when i tried to change the proxy, everything is blocked. I'm not sure what there using, but it's somthing comperable to bess, or websence, but better. It even blocks locally stored pages(when connected to the network). i think i may have been beat, but i have this class for the next two years, so maybe somthing new will come up...thanx for all your help guys.
  11. Ok, so i've bypassed syncronise, and got into admin, made my account an admin...but, the proxy server that i'm routed through has the whole control blocker. I've tried to bypass the proxy, and used many tools, but this one is good. I need some help. I've seriously tried almost every proxy switcher out there...with no success. What else can i do. thanx for your time...
  12. why did somone have to start this...here goes my mini rant...i f^^^ing hate g4 with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns, and they should die and burn in hell for their regressions...i swear everytime my tv passes channel 124 that my iq drops 2 points...i'm going to be freaking terri shivo soon! they've replaced relevant news, and media with mindless chit chat about how big boobs can be...not that i don't enjoy an acasional boob, but please...and the fact that now they have taken all the 'tech' out of tech tv just angers me more than ne thing. I think there should be a suscide help line for those who waste their time watching this stupified channel. If i wanted to see zelda, or donkey cong, i'd bring out the old systems, but for now, i'm forced to use my bandwidth streaming every internet resouce that i can find that will supply me with some knowlege to relace the brain cells i lost watching g4. I feel bad for the few that have yet to experiance hak.5's wonderfull-ness...yes it's a real word b/c i say so, and u better back off, i'm on a role here... and for all the poor kids who's minds are being scrabled by the corprate blow offs on g4. I wish somone would just bomb their studio, or studio's'. grr...anger...and yes this was a mini rant...for it was not 4 pages long. but i shall stop now, b/c frankly, i'm tired, and going to bed. ---power to the l33t! lol...
  13. Am i worthy? just basic xp, with vista transfrom 5, and a few tweaks i added...object dock, all that fun jazz...should've animated it, but srry..u guys just aren't worth thte time...lol...why i didn't just take a screen shot of vista, i don't know...but this was fun. [my computer is more jumbled than an iraqi prisoner on meth]
  14. thanx...to tell you the truth, i didn't do much research b4 downloading...i seem to be a 'happy downloader lately' lol....i've gone through a little java writing, and hated it with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns...but i didn't know if this would be ne thing to look at, and didn't realize how long tis been around...but thanks. I'll try it on duel boot, and tell you if it works...lol...let's see how many os's i can fit in 60gb? vista, xp, solais, bsd...hmm...ne more wait...i need to get osx...lol...thanx guys
  15. has ne one used the new Java based os, solaris? I just downloaded it, and thought i'd give it a try, but didn't know if it was worth my time...just wondering
  16. SloPOS


    giggaflops?! pfft...teraFlops! lol...
  17. AHHH the agony! i heard that evil server and tom from myspace are trying to take over the world!!! RUN!!!
  18. couldn't you just set up a proxy server on your home computer and route it through there...maybe not the fastest connection, but it works, i think. Haven't done it my self, but thers tons of products out there you can use, most are even portable so you can throw them on a flash drive, and go. Also if you are part of 'big' company, use a little social engineering to get the admin password. Not that hard. Like gettin free pizza, lol...
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