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  1. Soka, does the above code mean that you did not upload any data into the Pineapple? I think I like this method more if so.
  2. The key for me finding my issues, was looking at the IP table and checking the IPs that the clients get. In trying to document the issue, you might find the solution.
  3. I had this same issue and with testing I found that the "remembered" probe requests was fairly small on my Windows 7 laptop. It only had one fake AP (karma) that I used at my friends house (other than the real APs around). I think the reason you have this issue is that your target machine likely is not roaming alot and so does not have a list of remembered APs to ask for. Am sure someone can explain it better but thought I would share.
  4. OK. Sorry. Once I setup the ICS it worked great. I was confused in thinking that the device had a default design to pass the WAN/LAN through to the targets. Feel like a dork but appreciate the assistance. Possibly this might be made clear in documentation, if more than just I have this issue?
  5. So, you are saying that for any target to get internet, it must flow through a ICS enabled laptop or run off of a usb cell dongle? Why then does the pineapple have a lan/wan port? I thought it could be self contained for remote deployment. (maybe that is using a cell dongle, like Darren does?)
  6. ok. I do not know much about Linux but do networking for work. Been learning BT for a few weeks, having fun with Reaver. I have never SSH'd to my ignorant shame. Just so you know what you are dealing with; When I got my M4, I powered it up. Plugged in internet (192.) to the WAN port of the Pineapple, went to, logged in, activated karma and allowed a (Win7 and then Ipad2) to connect to a phantom ssid. Once I saw that the device(s) received a 172 IP, I tried from the target machines to surf. No joy. Read the forums and tried Darren's simple instructions (/etc/init.d/firewall disable; /etc/init.d/firewall stop), reboot, try again; no joy. Then tried putting the firewall command in the job tab below the karma disable but before the exit(/etc/init.d/firewall disable; /etc/init.d/firewall stop to rc.local via the Jobs), no joy. Because I am overly methodical, I did not try ICS, change any other settings or service. Will wait for firmware; upgrade to 1.01 was exactly as expected (reboot, 2 minutes, no error, happy pineapple. With internet (192) in the WAN port of pineapple, i can ping, I can tracert www.google.com from the pineapple. Activate karma, connect target machine to phantom ssid, receive a ip, but am not able to ping from target cpu. A tracert to www.cnn.com goes; pinapple.lan, (, destination host unreachable. I confirm the target machines are receiving an IP via the status in pineapple. the IP routing table has 4 entries; default - - default - - - * - - * - wirless in enabled karma is enabled autostart disabled cron job enabled all the rest disabled (did not mess with anything other than karma) I also tried a Ipad as the target, received a IP but am unable to surf the internet. No cellphone dongle to try. Use OpenDNS on my netgear router. I know this is a firewall issue but I dont see where I am messing up or what I could have done to receive such a non-standard experience. I had another network guy look at my process but he is unable to see the error I am making. In all, I have tried the above steps dozens of times but distilled it for clarity. Some users don't know what they are clicking but I did the above steps methodically and deliberately (not that I didn't mess-up somewhere, just I paid attention out of fear of a repeat experience of my M2.)
  7. What is the buckyball looking thing with the yellow bands?
  8. What I like about the Hak5 crew; it's not a Pay to Play mentality. Although, I do need some antennas now.....
  9. omg; OtA updates, emailed reports, reaver, programmable buttons! What a project. My Wife says my nerd is showing. Having said that, I will be waiting for a few to upgrade before I flash.
  10. Having seen the other pen test tools out there and being a Mark2 owner, I am shocked at the price you are asking for the Mark4! I got mine as a gift but your price point is way more than fair to the consumers. More than the $, the force of will behind the project makes it exciting and fun to be a part of. I hope the dev team can continue to have fun and enjoy the project for a long time. (Thought you guys would like to see this; http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/03/pwnie/?intcid=story_ribbon )
  11. Love the doc work. A wiki might make it easier to update as the project matures, but either way, great idea.
  12. amazing stealth mod. hiding in plain sight is always the most effective.
  13. My ip table is; default,,, ug, 0, 0, 0, eth1, *,, u, 0, 0, 0, br-lan, *,, u, 0, 0, 0, eth1 Have not SSH'd in as I was afraid of changing anything until I made sure it worked. Like to start with known variables. tried running "cat /etc/config/dhcp" but received nothing but an echo. Will wait for the FW. Thanks D
  14. Triple checked, quadrupled tested. Used the power plug and advanced menu to reboot, tried the hotfix with clients and karma running and without. I can see the public IP, I can see my DNS settings (opendns) passing through the Mark4. On about hour 4 looking for the mistake I am making. Didnt make any changes from out of the box except for running the hotfix and the cron in question. Any other ideas would be helpful.
  15. In the startup script or in the advanced commands area; the script doesnt work for me. Connecting clients will get DNS data but no internets. I am sure it is the firewall issue and will be fixed but it makes me feel dumb that I can't hotfix it like the cool kids are doing. I had a friend help error check me and tried a few different processes. Same blocked internet. Don't mind waiting but just wish I knew what I was doing wrong. unit is vanilla 1.0 with only Karma turned on. non-smooocon.
  16. I got the 1.0 firmware. Target cant get to the internet but can get a DNS resolve of a url. Tried the above line, rebooted device, activated karma but still no bits to client. Not even trying MitM yet, just testing target experience. Wonder what could be different.
  17. come on - at least try the instructions first. What did you do and what was the result. Read over the instructions again and try again. What was the result? Dont make us noobs look bad.
  18. Hey, I am a noob so take a deep breath before you start throwing things. With the help of DNinja, I was able to get my Fon working but have had struggles each time I use it. Below are the steps that I seem to have to do to (each time) get things working. Yes, following the other instructions works...at times but never consistently. plug in the fon to another router - this gives you an IP to get logged in pull the cat5 and login via your first wireless card (front facing) login to the fon and change the IP settings to STATIC, then type in your secondary IPs (back facing card) click save but not apply - Every time I press apply the settings revert, if I just click save it saves my alt IPs at that point you can log into the fon and change the IP settings to DHCP (needed to give other clients IPs and for the ICS to pass the internet on. I know there are other ways to do this but the instructions are far to nebulous for me. Just thought this might help other noobs. QUESTIONS; Why does the IP settings change between having the fon powered on. (I have to redo this each time the unit is powered off more than a little bit) Why does the button "apply settings" when changing the IP scheme, revert the IPs to the inital connection? With all these inconsistencies, the unit is not useful outside of a lab. At least not with present router hardware/firmware. OK, start the beatings.
  19. Thanks Ninja. That was the issue. Setting the pineapple to expect an IP from a DHCP. Super advice. Resolved and off to play more with the fruit. Thanks again
  20. Hey, I just received a pineapple v2. from Darren and da ninja. In following darrens steps I somehow messed it up and now am unable to get a good IP (169.X.X.X). This means I am unable to get to the admin area to fix it. I tried powering it down, pressing the hardware reset but no joy. Any suggestions to get it back to default? I think I changed the DHCP option to mess it up.
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