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I'll admit, I made this Forum account just so I could sign up for the free USB Rubber Ducky dev kit. However, since I now have an account, I'm sure I'll start using it, and not just read the forums like in the past. Also, I need to get on IRC more, rather than just every once in a while, which I probably will, since I finally got my "DSL" hooked back up. Well, actually, I have permission to use the wireless at church (as long as I don't download too much, oops.) but it's too far away to get the wireless. So I made a wireless antenna for my WIFI. After making it, we tested it by putting it on a ladder with a computer constantly pinging the router that was on top of te truck we drove down the street. We got the truck all the way down the street, and it was still pingin'! My antenna is a Biquad: http://martybugs.net/wireless/biquad/ mounted on a dish network dish: http://www.trevormarshall.com/biquad.htm. They say it works for (under perfect conditions) 11 KM!

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