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  1. im guessing that i didnt get one in the US then? well ill see if i can pull a few bucks together... can i buy a single ducky anywhere?
  2. a little off topic but you could use this to work to configure a ps3 to auto check for updates for the console and/or shows from psn and download them on start up and just leave it in so it will do it every boot unless you press like the L2 and R2 buttons
  3. oh 0_o.... well maybe incroperate one of those... jk... looks like no easy way out... Now code fellow devs code like never before!
  4. i dont know for sure but arnt there usb keyloggers? so couldnt it do what thoses do?
  5. you could use it to install an OS and software... like if you have to install windows and office and security software and a bunch of other stuff on 30 laptops for a school... oh wait thats what i have to do for a school project getting laptops for a school... lol :P thats what im gonna try to do... something to help the community get going fast for simpler things is to basically make a keylogger/macro to run on the ducky that records your keystrokes and mouse positions and clicks to the ducky which then if you had a button and a rgb led on the teensy to indicate what it was doing eg. recordin
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