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  1. Rab

    RPG or FPS

    both i play cs:s, eve, conan i am more interested in games without grind, i.e. stuff you can play when you feel like it with no penalty for doing so. www.trenchwars.org is a fab game
  2. Rab

    CS:S Video!

    you prolly got the render settings wrong, i get some perfectly stunning videos using vegas
  3. so is 480 the old one or new one?
  4. it's not your internet, it's mine!
  5. this is gay, i dont see anything in any of them.
  6. Yea I use the HOSTS file every day, but yeah I guess this helps people learn. There are plenty of things on Hak5 I didn't know about before, so it's all fair game.
  7. try using as many of these components as you can, but with your other motherboard
  8. Almost every day, for the past, several years, i've looked at the clock at 13:37 and thought ah it's leet o clock. Then a couple of years ago my friend and I got into a habit of wishing each other a happy leet o clock every day. So I decided to make a leet o clock javascript thinger, and website. So I guess I want to know what you guys think about it, have you ever wished someone a happy leet o clock? www.leetoclock.com
  9. *adds fuel to fire* *puts you on it*
  10. stop bumping your post, get lost.
  11. Take your links somewhere else, spammer.
  12. you hacked the gibson from your house?
  13. ministers are stupid, this won't happen.
  14. hmm, how was it stolen? did you leave it unattended? this is what insurance is for.
  15. sounds like a bad extension?
  16. Rab

    Noobs 'R' Us

    There's a good "Learning PHP 5" O'Reilly book.
  17. Rab

    Noobs 'R' Us

    my bad.. good luck!
  18. Rab

    Noobs 'R' Us

    I would put a portable version of open office on a pen drive and use the existing spreadsheet. http://portableapps.com/apps/office/openoffice_portable http://www.ebuyer.com/product/116100
  19. Rab

    RFID Door

    this idea is made of fail, ebay that shit
  20. This is the internet, everyone takes offense.
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