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  1. location.reload(true) should cause a reload from the server. location.reload() is the same as location.reload(false) which will attempt to reload from cache.
  2. I'm actually interested in a black hoodie with the hak5 logo on the front. I was kinda put off by the size of the tee, it seemed too long for it's width - by several inches, i'm picky like that. The hoodie sounds good tho, and Winter's coming up. Similarly I'm not that interested in stickers, they're a bit too permanent. I'd get a couple of those removable window sticker things if those were available. More schwag variation please, /signed.
  3. bit of a pointless fun thing lol, but http://leetoclock.com/
  4. DRM requires you have the USB stick plugged in to watch the movie. Fail.
  5. Yeah, only problem being that £299 = $600. I hate the UK for electronics, such a rip off. I've been looking at these baby laptops for a while, but haven't found one that ticks all the boxes. OK so they're small enough to carry, and if you already carry a laptop its a godsend. But... I have a laptop, and I don't carry it. I don't really need a laptop, but I would like portable internet access.... on a phone, with a screen bigger than my pinkie, that didn't cost £600. Maybe someday. </rant>
  6. What if you sneeze on it? I do like the large fan on the top though. I always thought airflow was important, which is why leaving the side off your case makes it hotter rather than cooler. This has 0 airflow?
  7. computers are in cases to keep bugs out, so this is retarded, no?
  8. it's just a graphics tablet. go buy one?
  9. 1x PC 1x Laptop 1x ADSL Modem Router = MINIMALIST
  10. That sounds very "simple" indeed.
  11. Mine's in my profile, which seems to have had too many views, pervs.
  12. Darren you may steal a copy of my accessible Ajax/PHP chat if you want. http://mike-whitehurst.co.uk/stuff/permanent/
  13. 800x600 isn't default unless you are a beneficiary of the one-laptop-per-child scheme. Most computers you grab on the high street come with a 19 inch widescreen, thus a default res of 1440x900. In terms of web design, you can assume people have 1024x768. Your content should be viewable in 800x600, but you will be forgiven if it looks shit. For gaming, most gamers use 1280x1024 (17") or 1680x1050 (20" wide). However, 24" monitors are becoming more popular, now that the latest cards can offer playable framerates at 1920x1200 - which has over 70% more pixels than the 1280x1024. I am currently using a Dell 24" and a Philips 17" off a BFG 8800GT. I mostly play EVE-Online and TF2.
  14. unless you eat circuit boards for breakfast, skip it. c# is more useful
  15. The code is here: http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/cookbook.shtml#by_date You basically fetch all the new items since (date-5mins)
  16. you have to design a page according to the content it has, right now it has no content - so is very difficult to design. my initial advice, bin it. there are lots of "techblogs" and nobody is going to find yours, or care.
  17. if you dont plan on using them, why pay for them? don't take this the wrong way, but i don't think you know enough about these components to do this properly. i suggest you buy a pre-built machine from a gaming store near you.
  18. I don't think 680W is enough. You can do the math and think it is, but in the real world you need to have a power supply plenty bigger than you need. Suggest you go for an 800W if you decide to go ahead with SLI. Antec are a good PSU manufacturer, as are Seasonic, and BFG have recently launched some nice looking PSUs. 8800GT is a good card, I'm using one now. It's a bit old now, and putting one on SLI will give you a very small overall performance increase. More like 50%, not 100%. You're better off buying a more expensive card, like a GTX 280. That also allows you to keep the option to use multiple monitors. BFG are the best graphics card manufacturer, they offer a 10 year warranty on all cards. Sound card, get a Creative X-fi, they're popular because they are leet. HD.. Samsung large capacity drives are the fastest, get those instead. Your mobo is supposed to provide you with 8 USB ports, I would leave out the USB PCI card, they are famous for being wank.
  19. hacking is stupid if you wanna dick around with a billion dollar military network, get your own.
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