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  1. I like the performance aspect, Firefox locks up quite a lot. but... FF has plug-ins, and I couldnt live without the "open all in tabs" bookmark feature.
  2. Rab

    Netbook 2.0

    Looks ace, don't seem to have it in the UK yet.
  3. gotta hate the default taskbar icon mode tho lol
  4. I bet Mr Sony wishes he had one of these. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  5. lol VaKo I have a modern pc, I use XP, it's fine. I use optical media all the time. ... so there!
  6. I think you're not supposed to publicise your interest in working for such an agency, as a matter of security.
  7. It'll be stable and usable, or they wouldn't release it for beta, but it won't have the driver / application support you might expect from a retail version. I wouldn't put my high spec pc in the hands of an unfinished operating system. Also, I've never used a beta before, don't they expire after x months or something?
  8. bump update http://www.custompc.co.uk/news/605372/crea...chitecture.html
  9. With the tagline of ‘Stemcell Computing,’ Creative says that it’s ‘created a stem cell-like silicon that is able to grow and multiply into different solutions and ecosystems,’ implying that the Zii could well offer much more than Creative’s usual sound chips. The company also says that it’s put some serious money and man power behind the project, claiming that it’s taken ten years of investment, a cost of over a billion US dollars and over 10,000 man years to develop. http://www.custompc.co.uk/news/605365/crea...-processor.html
  10. hmm i play games in windowed mode, no shitty software for me thanks
  11. There's an exit() function for that.
  12. Rab

    Linux Gaming PC?

    That would be a very bad idea, his games won't work.
  13. Interesting. I clearly remember Java lessons of "private static void main (final String[] pArgs)". I guess that's something I need to read up on.
  14. OK, this is all about strong-typing. Some languages allow you to define scalar variables (may contain any data type). For example, in VBScript you might write: Dim myVariable myVariable = 1 myVariable = 1.5 myVariable = "hello" Notice how it first contained an integer (whole number), then a decimal, then a text string - this is called weak typing. A language implementing strong-typing forces you to explicitly define what data type a variable is. For example: int number_one; number_one = 1; In this example, I have declared a variable called number_one which can only contain whole numbers (int). If I were to add a third line as follows, it would throw an error telling me I tried to assign the wrong type to my variable: int number_one; number_one = 1; number_one = "1"; There are two kinds of methods you will encounter, those which return a value, and those which do not (voids). I might want to write a method to get a value, for example: int getSum(pIntOne, pIntTwo) { return (pIntOne + pIntTwo); } I pass in two parameters (which I start with a lower 'p'), I then return an integer. This was defined when I wrote int getSum. Had I tried to do the following, the program would error: int number_one = 1; int number_two = 2; int sum = getSum(number_one, number_two); string getSum(pIntOne, pIntTwo) { return (pIntOne + pIntTwo); } The other kind of method, is one which does not return a value. This is called a void method. It is simply called to perform a task. For example, one for printing error messages to the screen: void doMessage(pStrMessage, pIntImportance) { switch (pIntImportance) { case 1: { print ("Error: " + pStrMessage); break; } case 2: { print ("Warn: " + pStrMessage); break; } case 3: { print ("Info: " + pStrMessage); break; } default: { print ("Debug: " + pStrMessage); break; } } } I'm bored now, but I hope you find that useful. To learn how to convert between data types, i.e. how to turn your decimal into an integer, read this page about casting. I'm not a c programmer, but it seems odd to me you defined "int main()", why should main return an integer? How about "void main()"?
  15. Rab

    New pc build?

    i'd say you'll need at least a 650
  16. Rab


    study Computer Science. the job comes later
  17. Rab

    PC Build

    Depends what resolution he wants to play those games at.
  18. Rab

    PC Build

    Get a 32Mb Cache HD, for defo. The Corei7s are still new, and un-necessary, a high end dual or quad will be fine, and will give you a cheaper mobo option. Go with an ATI 4870X2 if you want to play at 1920x1200, for a smaller resolution you could get by with a GTX280. For the record, you dont have to use dual or triple channel drr functionality. If you put an odd number of sticks in they will work, just slower. Check out the Steam Hardware Survey
  19. Rab

    Building Gaming Rig

    I'm thinking it might be better to buy a PC off the shelf. The last 4 friends I had build a gaming PC all had dodgy components!!
  20. Rab


    I played the demo last night. I played with one other friend, at the end of the demo there's some green screen with marketing on it - at that point our game merged with someone elses game, so we were in a game with two other human guys we didn't know. So we killed them and they kicked us from the server - :D
  21. How long until he gets shot?
  22. Well quite simply, Massa (and team) did what he needed to do, Lewis (and team) made a mistake to switch at the end - I'm not convinced that Glock slowed down because of his tyres, that makes it throwing the championship, which is teh lame!
  23. That pisses me off, Massa deserved the win.
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