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  1. It's a difficult thing to define, because once you start defining it you can second-guess yourself, resulting in a very broad definition which encompasses everything from your pacemaker to your toothbrush.

    Computer: Electronic shit with a processor.

    In my opinion the term PC means something other than Personal Computer. That term came from the day where it was pro that you could fit a computer in your house. So a definition to suit the times:

    PC: Keyboard and mouse for user input, unless special accessibility requirements are present. Must have a minimum available output resolution of 1280x1024. Consists of a processor, a motherboard, a graphics adapter, a data store, ram, audio output. Must run an operating system capable of networking, and interfacing with devices such as printer and usb storage.

    That's just me eating my breakfast and making up a definition, so please refine it. I'm thinking along the lines of "If I bought a PC, what would I assume it did?"

  2. Recommending (any) Vista in a large network environment with Windows 7 less than 6 months away shows a great deal of inexperience and naivety. That is the nicest way I could phrase that and I'm doing my best to refrain from insults. :)

    I was talking about my home PC. This thread is entitled "Comprehensive Windows Problems List" not "Help This Noob With Updates". Problem: Cost. :)

  3. In the US, the Food Court is in a Mall, the Concession Stand is at the movies.

    In the UK, we don't have Malls, so we don't have Food Courts. If you asked where the Concession Stand was, people would direct you to the nearest Church - for Confession. You'd need to ask where you can buy food. I would call it 'the food shop'. Shop being the British word for Store.

  4. Well, if you have the skills to build it yourself, then that's always cheaper. You have to be able to select the best components, and you have to know how to assemble them. There's also a high failure rate of performance hardware, will you be able to isolate a faulty component and replace it?

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