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  1. Have you tried sending the special characters like this Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_TILDE); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(0); // reset key state Keyboard.send_now(); Other keycodes here http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_keyboard.html Short of this, you could poke around in path\hardware\teensy\cores\teensy_hid
  2. Darren mentioned adding DIP switches to the teensy for selection of payloads which I thought was an excellent idea (and probably something to build into the payload framework). I managed to solder up a DIP switch unit to the teensy and got it working just connecting an INPUT_PULLUP switch to ground. Question is, under what circumstances do I need to connect to the 5V VCC? Also: what have you guys got working/planned on the hardware side of things?
  3. Disable firewall: "netsh firewall set opmode disable" (in XP at least).
  4. Got my ducky today (in London) - wasn't expecting it so a nice surprise and I am looking forward to getting started on the dev! Thanks Darren!
  5. How would a tiny implementation of LZW or a bespoke compression algorithm compare to base 64 encoding it? Nice job.
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