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  1. I was messing around with the Minecraft client and server source to see what i could do and i figured i would release the decompiled source for everyone to take a look at. So here it is :P

    Client Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?28jqj6k9vygw4gd

    Server Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?8i1004a95fa36s2

    Minecraft Classic Sources:

    Client Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?3o3ez4ajltuui63

    Server Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?ob9xa7hh9k70156

  2. I dont know if this should be posted because this thread is so old, but i see it now so. Ill post this.

    My school actually as a robotics team centered around an organization called FIRST, where we create wireless robots to compete in competitions, its different every year and anyone can make a team and join. Its not cheap though, 5k to just enter in your regional competitions. Another 5k for states i believe, havnt been to nationals. Year before i joined they were in nationals >.<

    But yea, we make wireless robots every year.

    FIRST url is http://www.usfirst.org/

    We are entered into FRC.

  3. Why not just store it in binary, and convert to hex or base64 or whatever, on the fly as you read it out of memory. Read 1 byte, send 2 (hex). Or read 3, send 4 (base64).

    Because now your making it even larger. Each character will be 8 characters now (i believe thats what binary makes it into)

  4. Definitely; however, that's kind of a roundabout method.

    You can actually convert any executable to base64 (assuming it will fit on the chip), so you don't actually have to do the intermediate step.

    I did include the script I used to convert the executable to base64 in the zip at the bottom of my original post. Simply just drag and drop a executable over it (Fun_With_Base64/Scripts/Encode.vbs), and it'll produce a text file.

    Once you have that, you'll have to convert it into something that the ducky can use. I just ran a bunch of key macros over the text file to stringify the file.

    I originally wrote the sample program in assembly since I didn't know how long the actual transfer would take. Base64 will always produce a larger file, so I'm actually thinking about attempting a different encoding scheme, but then it more or less becomes a fight between script size and encoding size.

    Yea, the fact that it multiples the size of the program by 4 or 5, isnt going to work. Need an encryption method that makes it smaller.

    Could possibly compile to .rar or .zip then decompile. This way we can include more with the program also. DLLs it might need, etc.

  5. Nice ;D i love it. We are already making great progress and people just started receiving there usbs. It works perfect :D

    EDIT:: Do you think it would be possible to convert the text view of a pre-written .exe to base64, then decode that and write that to another.exe and run? Thus we will be able to do anything.

  6. I don't know of a browser out there that wouldn't alert the user before executing something through a browser. The whole advantage of firing off a wscript script file is running behind the scenes. That script could simply download and run the executable, or download something like srvany and install that exe as a service.

    Of course, this whole discussion assumes that stealthiness is desirable.


    Im inventing possible ideas. Whos to say the person isnt at there computer when you stick it in?
  7. You don't have much room to enter much of a program in the Run... text box, but if that small program creates a socket connection (http for instance) to a web site containing a more interesting program, that program could be downloaded and run in the background if one were so inclined.


    Do WindowsKey+R -> iexplorer.exe -> link to program here

    That will download a program thats hosted on the internet and will work with all windows computers xp and higher.

  8. Got my dev kit in the mail today! Thanks, Darren!

    I've got everything installed and working on my Mac. It's been a while since I've worked on Atmel projects outside of the safe, warm, and cozy Arduino IDE environment. I worked on several projects on the AVR Butterfly using AVR Studio (or whatever it's called) on Windows in past.

    This is gonna be a fun project. I'll be running tests on coworkers' computers at the office ;).

    Lol, ill do it at school. We have dual boot mac pros. Which i find funny. They cant fund teachers but they can buy these amazing mac pros that dual boot and the servers cost $100grand a piece and they have like 6 at each school. Makes me angry. ANyways,

    back on topic, ima be testing mine at school ;D Made a couple programs to learn a little bit already.

  9. Iv been working on a nice plan on a system with switchs (like im sure youv seen) and having different modes on the teensy. One being used as a storage device such as this ;D Daisy chain a few large SD cards together to get ridiculous space >.< Thinking of 5 or 6 8GB cards. So, 40 or 48 gigs on an extremely small usb. XD I could sell these.

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