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  1. Ahh interesting... Yes all the machines are on the same subnet. The problem with the VLAN, at least that it seems to me, is that it will filter out the entire virtual server. There is only one physical ethernet cable connected to the physical machine, but there are a few virtual machines. I feel like this has to be possible. When you buy a virtual server from godaddy, you cannot access local traffic. I am basically trying to mimic the same setup.
  2. Almost. I am going to forward a few ports to that machine but I am also going to open up RDP. I do not want the external RRP users to be able to access my local network. I have little doubt they will try so I want a basic level of security to protect against it.
  3. Thanks for the reply. It looks like the access restriction features of dd-wrt only can deny outgoing (internet) traffic. I want to only allow internet traffic and deny all local traffic. How does this iptables rules allow internet access but deny local intranet traffic?
  4. I have a virtual machine on my network which I do not want to be able to access the local network. My router runs dd-wrt. The virtual machine is running within esxi. I looked into vlans, but that seems like it would segment the entire virtual server. I only want one specific virtual machine to be segmented so that it can only access the internet. I am thinking that adding an IPTables rule to drop all local traffic from that ip/mac address would be the best solution, but I am more than open to other suggestions. I am not worried about ip/mac address spoofing. Do you have any other suggestion? If not what would the IPTables rule look like? Thanks!
  5. That one is just a video recorder though, no SSH access.
  6. http://pwnieexpress.com/ So someone thought it would be a good idea to take a Sheeva Plug, add 3G and preload it with all sorts of goodness. I like.
  7. Get your degree and get a relevant job while in school. When you graduate you will have a degree and experience, that will put you above everyone else graduating at the same time as you. Both are needed.
  8. I am not crazy about apple products for various reasons, I'd sell it and but one of the upcoming tegra based tablets.
  9. This isn't entirely correct. If you want to phrase it that way you would need to say "your network is only has fast as its slowest link on the path from source to destination" You can have a mixed mixed speeds. Anything which is on the gigabit network will be able to take advantage of the gigabit speed, but will only be limited if they are accessing something on a slower lan. And anything on the slower lan will be limited to that speed, even if they are accessing something on the gigbit network.,
  10. Patience. Computers never seem to be fast enough or good enough for me. My work machine is a dual socket, quad core xeon and compiling still takes too long. I need some SSDs.
  11. I am very happy with discountasp.net. Dreamhost was my second choice but discountasp.net had the price advantage.
  12. Step 1. Come up with spectacular idea. Step 2. ??? Step 3. Proft! The only thing I can think of for step two would be to take the spectacular idea and make it a spectacular functioning website.
  13. So you have 7 tb over 14 drives. If you replaced everything with larger 2tb drives you would only need four drives (ten less, that is huge! think of the power savings) Once you max out the physical space in your machine you'd be at 28tb. I would set myself up to go down that path, that is four times your current capacity. You don't even need to buy four drives off the bat, but that will depend on your current configuration. If you can replace one 500gb drive wih one 2tb drive that would be 1.5tb's extra capacity. But, if a $100 eSata hub is out of your price range, how are you going to afford the extra disks to expand your capacity? If you are near filling up your current 7tb capacity and you are just going to reuse some old drives you are going to max that space out and be in this same situation in a very short while. Don't go with some hokey solution, it will just be a pain in the ass down the line. Let your NAS be your storage provider without wacky dependencies.
  14. You can use an eSata Hub or better yet an IcyDock. But if I was in your situation I would max out the existing machine with 2tb drives. The reason I prefer this approach is because when you connect multiple drives to your system via one eSata port you are limiting the bandwidth of all the external drives down to that one eSata connection. How many drives do you have now and what is the capacity of each?
  15. www.mini-box.com and www.logicsupply.com offer a ton of tiny hardware that should fit your bill. Just pick and play, or choose a prebuilt system http://www.logicsupply.com/categories/firewall_systems Pretty much everything on those sites will work.
  16. Thanks for the info. I looked into Clark Connect but didn't get too far. Apparently ClarkConnect is dead and has moved onto or has just been renamed to ClearOS. I think Clark Connect was commercial so I didn't look too deeply into ClearOS. I think I ended up searching for the community edition and got discouraged. It turns out there is no community edition because it is 100% free now. So I thought what the hell lets give this another try. For some strange reason I can't boot their ISOs on an ESXi instance. I verified the MD5 hashes and I have tried booting with other isos. Other ISOs work fine. When I try theirs I get an Operating System cannot be found error. I see they offer a VMware image, but you usually need to do some conversion to get them working with ESXi.
  17. ascorbic

    Freenas Help

    I don't know about FreeNAS specifically but with my home setup running openfiler I have noticed the limiting factor is my desktop, it isn't quick enough to feed openfiler but I usually get around 60mb/sec transfer rates.
  18. Thanks for the replies, I was hoping for a real NAS, not just something on top of Windows.
  19. Hmm, according to http://www.smoothwall.org/get/ as of this post the last update is "SmoothWall Express 3.0 SP1 Released - 8th January 2009"
  20. ascorbic

    Freenas Help

    The easiest are probably: Raid on the NAS box with SCSI or 10k rpm drives Gigabit every where using Intel NICs (no realtek) Jumbo Frames enabled on the router/switch
  21. ascorbic

    Freenas Help

    This cracked me up a little. In a word, No. Your box could have a 10 gigbyte "thing" and it would still probably perform the same. Your entire network needs to be gigbit if you want to see faster speeds. That means the FreeNAS box as well as your buffalo router. But gigabit alone will not guarentee faster transfer speeds. There are lots of small factors all over that affect network performance.
  22. ascorbic

    Freenas Help

    What are the speeds of your hard drives on both the client machine and FreeNAS machine. I am not sure about printing out FreeNAS settings, I used it probably a year ago now.
  23. ascorbic

    Freenas Help

    Close enough I suppose. Average NAS speed will vary widely depending on hardware, files being transfered and a bunch of other things. Here is what you need to understand though, 100 mbps is megaBITS which is 12.5 megabytes. When you say 10 plus I am guessing you want 10 megabytes/sec, that will never happen with your current set up. TCP overhead alone can lop off almost 30% of your connection speed which would bring your theoretical max down to 8.75 megabytes/sec. I'd guess 2-3 megabytes/sec is probably the max you'd see. Try transfering a good sized 5 gig file for a test. Lots of small files will take longer than one big file. What are your FreeNAS settings?
  24. ascorbic

    Freenas Help

    First, what is yoru network set up? Are you on a gigabit lan? What sort of router/switch are you on? Also just as an FYI, for local transfers (ie not to the itnernet) your internet speed will not affect your NAS speeds.
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