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  1. What can I do with this fon 2100 as far as wifi pineapple goes? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, that is a real good scenario. I def see where you are coming from. IT2
  3. I don't want to know what is out there. I want to know what works. As for what the Navy uses, I am just a small small part of the whole Navy and I can not speak for everybody else. It don't matter what company I work for I just need a better/faster way to accomplish my goal. I m sure we can go back a fourth proving each other wrong but that defeats the purpose of posting. I do however see where your coming from with the sensitive info. But really, any website can get your info. It dose not matter how secure you are someone will always be able to find a way in. I would not suggest getting into government networks if that's what your implying. If that's not what your implying, cool beans. But all in all Thanks for the Reply. IT2
  4. Thank you. It’s not about being up to government standards. I just need it to handle what I am dealing with. Just because we are the Navy/ DoD it does not mean that we don’t use regular programs like civilian businesses. All suggestions are great. I need to exhaust all my options. I might find a gem and make the whole system better. Thanks again. IT2
  5. Thank you for replying to my post but you were very vague with your answer. For the matter that I should have the training is irrelevant to the situation. I was given what they thought I needed/ had the funding for. Yes we have processes in place but there is always room for improvement. Also the fact that there was no classified information was given or even that there were no specifics disclosed there is no problem with what I posted. I would not jeopardize my clearance over a tasking question on the net. If you have a problem with what your Government does with its IT infrastructure and you disapprove, either join to fix it or let your senate know. So it was a simple question and still no answer was given. Furthermore products that are used are based on the price not vulnerabilities with the software. If you realize we are in a war and have limited funds. So instead of coming off looking smart you look like an A$$. So if you reply please just answer the question to the best of your ability. But I am not here to argue why or why not I should post this question. If you help me you help yourself and every American. I just would like an answer that could make my job easier and make the IT side of the Navy run better. Thanks IT2
  6. Good day to all, I am an Network admin In the Navy and I am responsible for 250 seats and 25 wintel, unix, linux and solars servers. We have 300-350 people to support. I am having trouble keeping up with Trouble calls put in buy the users. Being the Navy They will not let us load Track-it software. Currently we are using Outlook task list to keep track of the trouble calls. The users will send an email to a group list that sends an email to all the IT folks. Its really hard to keep track and keep good records of problems on certain boxes. So I need a way to track and follow up on trouble calls placed. Any help would be great. Thanks and have a fine Navy Day. IT2
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