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  1. Just noticed my office closely resembles infiltrator's avatar. An isn't the most effective method for getting a password still a glock 40cal?
  2. Same here guys, were's the new episode? Can someone please let us know a rough date to when we might get something?
  3. Hey guys im currently on my 4th day of vacation, 9 days in freeport bahamas, I been stealin my wireless from the balconys via a soup can, but wish they would wise up an put wifi on the beach, they have wifi in the lobby though, its drunk an im late, talk to guys when more sober.
  4. Or you can skip all the wimpy stuff an get a nokia n810 or n800 an rock out like a real hacker.
  5. Ah okay well thanks for trying to help. Guess I'll just have to stick to my wireless hijinks instead of exploiting boxes.
  6. I did put a host on there, just censord out the ip adress so everyone an there mom wouldn't hit the machines im so close to opening. I read that tutorial quite a few times, can't figure out what im doing wrong, can anyone else confirm that tsgrinder still works on the server 2k3 machines.
  7. Im using it in the command prompt off my main machine, xp pro sp3, an no antivirus or firewall to get in the way.
  8. No Ideas? Bump, this is third site i've asked on, no one know?
  9. Okay so guys I have a friend that has a few game servers an in our discussions he said his server 2k3 was secure an there was no way in. Well me being me I asked if I could do some poking around, besides if I get in im sure I can talk him out a few months server rent. So I started Nmap an few basics, got ports open out the yin yang, an particularly remote desktop terminal, I can get a login screen, so I figured why not brute force, I exhausted all other options, it lets me connect. An I tried running TSgrinder but every time the threads open it says can't connect to remote device, but I can get a login screen normally. Ive read that your supposed to use the Roboserver an I got it just not sure what to do with it. C:\Documents and Settings\lost>"C:\Documents and Settings\lost\Desktop\Quick att acks\remote hacks\tsgrinder1\tsgrinder.exe" -w "C:\Documents and Settings\lost\De sktop\Quick attacks\remote hacks\dic-0294\dict.txt" -u administrator -d CENSORD -n 4 After I hit enter it tries, fails then I get 4 lines at the command prompt saying timed_Event_send_recv: Wait failed: TIMEOUT four lines of that an then says Couldn't get handle to client window. Any suggestions? or points in the right direction cause I've burnt google up for hours tryin to find a fix.
  10. Well I gotta throw in my two cents, I prefer Marlboro reds but broke times call for bugler rolling smoke, 40 papers an it keeps my joints in good practice, as far as weed goes its something that beats the crap outta the goverment's pharmacopia that they push, I smoke roughly a 1/8 Oz a day of the expensive green, keeps the nerves calm.
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