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  1. Yeah the pineapple part in my reply was sarcasm shouldve put a question mark at the end Ok on the idea's from the irc ummmm One was inside a hollow'd out book, seem's quite good We had in a cup/different types of cups and the straw of a cup covering the antenna mmm there was some more but i guess we could brainstorm in here :)
  2. at what point did i say illegal activitie's? It's all purely for fun, just like having the jasager inside a pineapple? Having it in a different outfit in different situations is so one wouldnt get weird look's... i know that when ever i walk outside my house with a laptop everyone stares so having a random pineapple isnt gonna look weird? EDIT: Added question mark
  3. Heya, Me and a few guy's on the hak5 irc had a great idea this morning, it came from the disussion of how to or where to hide a jasager (I.E Inside book's, stuff etc etc). We were thinking of a segment or so in a show on different ways to hide a jasager and how to or something along those lines. P.S had no idea where to post this =\ I guess different outfit's for the jasager would be good in diff situation's. Cheer's C.W
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