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  1. I have an Mk V, I was able to run the script successfully with no errors, however the pineapple still doesn't have a wired internet connection. Tested with pineapple in wired classic and client mode. I am able to login at from my computer but pressing "show" ip results in "Error Connecting" when Wlan0/1 are off.
  2. Bellow are the various ways I have tried to connect my pineapple to the internet. The only method that has worked thus far is using wlan1 in "Client Mode", the problem with this solution is that I am unable to get PineAP running at the same time. 1) following tutorial -> Doesn't work2) following https://champagneandsecurity.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/wifi-pineapple-and-mac-os-x-internet-sharing/ -> at step 5, Error bridge100 doesn't exist 3) not sure how to complete http://802dot11.postach.io/post/using-mac-os-x-ics-to-work-with-wifi-pineapple I also tried setting the pineapples wi
  3. Thanks for the above answers Site survey gives you the option to choose what wlan its going to use. is there a way to get it to default to wlan2 instead of wlan0.
  4. Hey Guys, i am trying to setup site survey and karma so that i can deauth specific clients and have them connect to the PA through karma. Bellow is a description of my setup. I have also added questions throughout my explanation. a summary of all questions is at the end. Thanks for the help! My Setup: Mark V PA v1.4.1, in Client Mode Alpha AWUS036NHA connected to usb port, put in monitor mode using Wifi Manager v1.8 infussion Q0: Please correct me if i am wrong but my understanding is that wlan0 is used for karma, wlan1 is for connecting the PA to a wireless network, and wlan2 (the alpha c
  5. I updated my PA to the newest firmware through Client Mode, however after about 3 min of running i get a solid red light. The PA still seems to work properly. Should i be concerned?
  6. If you mean browsing to, logging in and clicking on "Pineapple Bar", i have tried that and get a connection error. what ip address and related info should the pineaaple/Mac have? also under the "network" tab is Wlan0 Enabled. | Disable Wlan1 Disabled. | Enable Internet IP: Error Connecting LAN: Wlan1: N/A Mobile: N/A
  7. I am using a mac osx 10.9.3, I have powered on the wifi pineapple and connected it to my mac with the supplied ethernet cable. I have set my mac ethernet setting to ipv4 manually, ip address:, subnet: and added dns server . i have also allowed wifi to ethernet internet sharing. I am able to log into the pineapple at, and when connecting to pineapple access point from another device i am able to browse the web. However i am unable to view anything under the pineable bar menu, i get the following message "Error connecting. Please check your int
  8. i am staying in a hotel and the internet is extremly expensive. the problem is that when you purchase the wifi package they give you a log in and username to gain accsess. but only one computer can be logged in at one time. i would like to be apple to have wifi on my laptop as well as my phone. i was wondering if there is a way to use the pineapple to do that?
  9. ok something very wierd is happening. i connect to a random unsecured network then i turn wifi off and then turn it back on. when it comes back one something strange occurs. when i look at the wifi pineapple status it says that it has spoofed as a different ssid but when i look on the iphone it says its connected to the pineapple. but when i click on the setting for the pineapple?
  10. ok thanks. but for the karma thing for some reason the pineapple doesnt automatically connect other clients. i took my iphone and turned on wifi. and it did not connect to the pineapple like jasager should make it?
  11. 2 questions. first there is a WPS button on the wifi pineapple, what does it do? also when i turn on mk4 karma it says "Karma is disabled when handling probe request" what does that mean and how do i fix it?
  12. it does show atheros communications device listed. but still the sudo airmon-ng command doesnt show any devices.
  13. i followed every step and all my screens looked exactlly like yours but still nothing. although this time i do have internet connection but trying to ping the pineapple does not work. any ideas? but! for some reason i am able to connect to it with my iphone and from the iphone i can log into the pineapple. why does it work from the iphone but not the backtrack vm?
  14. i am pretty sure i have setup the usb passthrough but still it doesnt work. what i did was downloaded the usb 2.0 extension pack and then clicked add fillter and selected the atheros device. do i need to downlaod the driver for the wifi card?
  15. ok so how should that setup menu look like? currently i have a pineapple, alpha network card and the computers internal network card. how should i set things up?
  16. ok so the only reason i need a brige or usb-ethernet adaptor is because i am using a vm?
  17. oh i think i might have set it up wrong. how should i set i up. should i have the pineapple powered up and then plug the alfa card into the usb port of the pineapple? and the pineaple is connect through ethernet to the computer?
  18. the adapter i am using is Alfa AWUS036NHA. when i type iwconfig i get 2 lines. one line is lo and the other is eth0. both say no wireless extension. what does that mean?
  19. i havnt setup anything to my knowledge. i am really sorry but i am completely new to this. how do i set up a connection for the pineapple? what information do you need?
  20. i am trying to do a deauth attack just for fun and when i plug in the adapter and run the aircrack command (sudo airmon-ng) to find the chipset it doesnt find any. what do i have to do to get the computer to recognize it?
  21. i have a macbook pro and have installed vbox on it and got backtrack 5 running. after start up i have internet access and everything is working fine. i then plug the Ethernet cable into the poe lan port on the pineapple and then to the port on my computer. then i plug the power into the pineapple and then into the usb port on my computer. at this point the internet on backtrack 5 is still working. i then run the quickstart script and just press enter the entire time (i assume that entering nothing means that the value in brackets is used). after that i try to go to the link they tell me to go
  22. i just got the pineapple mark 3 pro bundle and it came with a alpha wifi dongle. i was just wondering why i would need this if my computer already had a wifi chip. i know this is most likely a stupid question but i am brand new to this stuff. thanks for the help.
  23. i am trying to use commands and not the GUI becasue the GUI does not work. for some reason when ever i click it or run the command to start it nothin happens. but a problem i am having is that my card does not connect all the time. my card will only connect if i have done the installation after i boot up backtrack. but i have persistent working and i have checked that it does work but for soe reason i have to reinstall the drivers every time i bot up. i have been following instructions on this site http://forums.remote-exploit.org/bt4beta-w...wireless-5.html and it is post 35 on page 5.
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