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  1. I have an Mk V, I was able to run the script successfully with no errors, however the pineapple still doesn't have a wired internet connection. Tested with pineapple in wired classic and client mode. I am able to login at from my computer but pressing "show" ip results in "Error Connecting" when Wlan0/1 are off.
  2. Bellow are the various ways I have tried to connect my pineapple to the internet. The only method that has worked thus far is using wlan1 in "Client Mode", the problem with this solution is that I am unable to get PineAP running at the same time. 1) following tutorial -> Doesn't work2) following https://champagneandsecurity.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/wifi-pineapple-and-mac-os-x-internet-sharing/ -> at step 5, Error bridge100 doesn't exist 3) not sure how to complete http://802dot11.postach.io/post/using-mac-os-x-ics-to-work-with-wifi-pineapple I also tried setting the pineapples wi
  3. Thanks for the above answers Site survey gives you the option to choose what wlan its going to use. is there a way to get it to default to wlan2 instead of wlan0.
  4. Hey Guys, i am trying to setup site survey and karma so that i can deauth specific clients and have them connect to the PA through karma. Bellow is a description of my setup. I have also added questions throughout my explanation. a summary of all questions is at the end. Thanks for the help! My Setup: Mark V PA v1.4.1, in Client Mode Alpha AWUS036NHA connected to usb port, put in monitor mode using Wifi Manager v1.8 infussion Q0: Please correct me if i am wrong but my understanding is that wlan0 is used for karma, wlan1 is for connecting the PA to a wireless network, and wlan2 (the alpha c
  5. I updated my PA to the newest firmware through Client Mode, however after about 3 min of running i get a solid red light. The PA still seems to work properly. Should i be concerned?
  6. If you mean browsing to, logging in and clicking on "Pineapple Bar", i have tried that and get a connection error. what ip address and related info should the pineaaple/Mac have? also under the "network" tab is Wlan0 Enabled. | Disable Wlan1 Disabled. | Enable Internet IP: Error Connecting LAN: Wlan1: N/A Mobile: N/A
  7. I am using a mac osx 10.9.3, I have powered on the wifi pineapple and connected it to my mac with the supplied ethernet cable. I have set my mac ethernet setting to ipv4 manually, ip address:, subnet: and added dns server . i have also allowed wifi to ethernet internet sharing. I am able to log into the pineapple at, and when connecting to pineapple access point from another device i am able to browse the web. However i am unable to view anything under the pineable bar menu, i get the following message "Error connecting. Please check your int
  8. i am staying in a hotel and the internet is extremly expensive. the problem is that when you purchase the wifi package they give you a log in and username to gain accsess. but only one computer can be logged in at one time. i would like to be apple to have wifi on my laptop as well as my phone. i was wondering if there is a way to use the pineapple to do that?
  9. ok something very wierd is happening. i connect to a random unsecured network then i turn wifi off and then turn it back on. when it comes back one something strange occurs. when i look at the wifi pineapple status it says that it has spoofed as a different ssid but when i look on the iphone it says its connected to the pineapple. but when i click on the setting for the pineapple?
  10. ok thanks. but for the karma thing for some reason the pineapple doesnt automatically connect other clients. i took my iphone and turned on wifi. and it did not connect to the pineapple like jasager should make it?
  11. 2 questions. first there is a WPS button on the wifi pineapple, what does it do? also when i turn on mk4 karma it says "Karma is disabled when handling probe request" what does that mean and how do i fix it?
  12. it does show atheros communications device listed. but still the sudo airmon-ng command doesnt show any devices.
  13. i followed every step and all my screens looked exactlly like yours but still nothing. although this time i do have internet connection but trying to ping the pineapple does not work. any ideas? but! for some reason i am able to connect to it with my iphone and from the iphone i can log into the pineapple. why does it work from the iphone but not the backtrack vm?
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