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  1. maybe you should be getting some royalties, seems to me someone else is cashing in on you. and yes porting may have been the wrong word but the rest of the example should have let the penny drop. even so the question still remains unanswered properly, futher to this have 'you' brainboxes thought of doing some 'after the fon tutorials' to save yourself some time? maybe the questions get asked over and over becuase theres to much info, to many useless threads and questions dont get answered properly. and when i say properly i mean deviating away from the 'supercool' one liners that say nothing and help no one.
  2. the tutorial above was a windows based tutorial for getting ics working on the pineapple/fon, your reply was to get the dhcp server working and you left some code, that answer and the one posted above? what are they? do you want me to go and learn ash and ruby in their entireity? i am supposed to be happy with that seemingly begruding answer? you guys are quite happy to sell the pineapples at 90 pounds a pop, 'your after sales service' deserves a bullet.
  3. hi digininja, ive seem to have got mine working, now im backtracking and trying to work out how i got so lucky, troy asked the question earlier but i havent found a response, what programme are you using to port this code? im assuming its putty, when i try and ssh into it with, (the fon, ethernet connection),on ssh, port 22, i get, network error: connetion ive done a port map and it says is up and ssh is 22 if you can tell me then i go do some research, cheers.
  4. hi troy, im stuck on that one as well have you had any luck?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and respond. I would like to see windows and linux categories. That would be enough to put the noobs (me included), in the right field of play from the start without spoon feeding us. Also (sorry), minimizing any extra work you would have to do. Im dual booting win and bt4 at the moment and i'd describe myself as 'dazed and confused'. Im interested to know if anyone else thinks theres any validity to this, or if i should get a fork and reach for the humble pie. Cheers.
  6. yeah fair play guys i agree with some of that, i still think its good to have to find out things yourself because you learn granted, however this jasager forum which is dedicated to one thing jasager, and how it works with the fon and the pineapple is very subjugated and hard to pin information down on. i agree with also that theres a plethora of talented professionals participating in the project, but i wonder how many people who have been so close and quit, would have gotten a lot more out of scripting, hacking, moding etc. if they had of had a little more help at the start instead of the 'i had to earn my stripes' mentality that seems to prevail. it would be like me giving my apprentice a hammer and saying 'theres some timber, build a house' its not going to happen and its counterproductive, however if i help him build one, guide him and show him how to to do it so he doesnt 'brick it' he can not only build one himself im sure that he would have some unique input into another house he builds later on. but then again maybe hes just not hanging out for those free stickers, none the less, nothing wrong with some constructive critisim and on the back of it i do think ive been a bit on the hard side with the rating, it is a good forum, keep up the good work.
  7. hi, i think that the forum needs to be split into some more categories. one thread has over 500 replies, futher to that it should be split into windows and linux, because i think theres alot of unesscessary confusion. threads weave in and out of different topics and os. theres no consistency and its a nightmare to find anything without searching for eons. no its not laziness, its just that some of us dont want to spend the whole of an only weekend off rummaging through endless amounts of useless information that invariably leads in the wrong direction. overall out of 10 i would give this forum a 5, something to be learned from the guys who were running remote-exploit forum (now backtrack4 linux) which was loads better.
  8. im using vista, but unlike the tutorial when i go to the ethernet properties settings, the dhcp and dns options are not there. also when i plug in the pineapple it says there is an ip address conflict. ive followed all the steps in the tutorial, three times. have no idea what im doing wrong. i can get the webif and karma up, i can connect through the internet, but when i fire up karma im supposed to blacklist my openwrt and it doesnt come up.
  9. i have completed all but the last couple of steps, the problem im having is that when i go to the settings of my wireless network card the dhcp and dns options are not available.
  10. i have a pineapple, when i got it i set up ics as per jason conleys excellent tutorial, however it seems pointless as you cannot do a deauth to get clients with windows. so now i've fired up bt4 im guessing i will have to set up ics again with backtrack, will i have to do the entire setup again as per ehcoblacks post 'internet connection sharing on linux' or is the pineapple alreaday configured so i can get straight into karma and fire it up? thanks
  11. i have set up ics have connected with my test machine, im running windows (also have bt4) but havent set up the fon to run with linux yet, i know how to do a deauth with bt but not sure how or waht programme to use in windows to get the same result, any help is appriecitated.
  12. Hi, in ep403 darren explains the pineapple and how it works. He also says that later on he will do and example of how to add shell scripts on the pineapple, does anyone know where i can find an example of this? also im trying to work out how to make my fon 'standalone' at the moment its hooked up via the ethernet cable, ive soldered on a battery pack, sorry for the noob stuff, i have done lots of searches but confusion and tiredness are wreaking havoc. cheers
  13. yes thats done the trick, the simple things are often the best. thanks.
  14. ive rebooted my test machine to see if it associates and no payload, is there another test i can perform?
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