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  1. Hey guys, I just did a virgin install of pineapple 2.7.0 and after setting up my usb drive I installed the sslstrip module via the web interface to my usb device. The sslstrip module appears to be running fine and I've got it enabled yet whenever I try to access https pages via my pineapple wireless network the sites timeout. If I access http sites things work just fine. I've tried to access https sites from an android tablet via chrome and on a windows machine via IE, Firefox and Chrome. All have the same result of https pages not loading yet http sites load just fine. Any recommendations on
  2. Hamster and Ferret is also pretty useful when your mitm. Although I usually just stick to SSL Strip since it gets you the most data and you don't need to use any other programs to log data it gets. Also filtering wireshark for http POST's works well if your looking for passwords.
  3. LOL.. I made that howto back when I thought PSP's would have a scene.. (you can see my name hDy on the first screenshot for Nickname :). Sadly the PSP scene died down and I sold that PSP for a bunch on ebay since it was a 1.5 firmware and 2.0 wasn't working with homebrew yet :)
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