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  1. Ok, NEW VERSION! Fixed the recalling fopen() Fixed the volume controls (, down | . up) Added track position skip ahead. (/) Right now the skip ahead jumps 128 mp3 frames. I'll work on reversing the track position but that's going to be a lot of work/time.
  2. Got ya! We're looking at different code again :D. If you re-download, it should be in there. The volume controls on the version online are screwed up but I've fixed that. I also made it so that it doesn't call fopen for each write. Worked on that the first part of the day. I'm trying to see if I can get time shifting working before I upload all of the changes but that will be a few hours from now. I don't think I'm going to be able to get it going today though.
  3. I added volume controls this morning. , for volume down and . for volume up I changed the buffer size on names/directories. Why do you say that it doesn't respect exists? --edit Maybe the condition believes in existential nihilism?
  4. And I was so positive that nobody would ever find that. I thank you for proving me wrong. It's so common now-a-days that people run code without checking it first. I do remove bad path characters. I was pretty sure that pianobar automatically selected 192 if you have it. At the moment I'm working on having a better understanding of how input is handled with it. I want to add the very basic feature of volume control. It ought to be quite easy (is the same thing I said when I wanted pianobar to save streams). But yeah, i will eventually handle skipping, id3 is up there on my list as well
  5. Pandora stream saver for linux based on Pianobar. Install instructions in video info.
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