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  1. 1. Does the USB ethernet share the same bus as the USB host port (like the raspberry pi)? It’s a discrete device with shared power. 2. What kind of power draw can we expect from this lil guy? Peak draw is 2.5amps at 5volts. The mean draw is around 1.5amps at 5 volts. 3. On the info graphic, you mention power over dual microUSB. Does that mean both are required if you don't have a 12V barrel plugged in? Are these ports power only? You can power the device over any combination of the 3 ports as long as you meet the wattage requirement. 4. Do you foresee a spec bump in the future life of the TETRA? Upping the NAND or otherwise? The NAND is limited by the main IC at 2GBs. 5. Why'd you guys choose to not include a microSD this time around? Was it just cost of components, or other reasons? The USB bus on router ICs has never been very reliable, so on this device a conscious effort was made to avoid hosted USB devices to increate stability. That’s why NAND was chosen for this device. To add a microSD card slot would require a USB reader and a USB hub to support the one USB host port. Cost was not the driving factor, stability was. That why the second radio is PCIe instead of USB. 6. What can you tell us about these amplifiers? What kind of range are you seeing? I’m sure you will see range tests in the near future, but it has a very long range.
  2. Once again I find myself forgetting it's Star Wars day. May the fourth be with you!

  3. PAC-MAN The Movie pretty epic! http://t.co/Q2T31kgv

  4. I just woken up by the aftermath of an earthquake. Please who have never been in an earthquake ....

  5. It was tested on Ubuntu and it works great. Based on your comments is seems you might have a usb analyzer, can you provide me with a capture?
  6. We have been hard at work on the new firmware and here it is. Added Linux Support Beta RC0 - https://github.com/downloads/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/Duck%20Linux%20Beta.hex How to re-flash : - Download http://hak5.org/Duck%20Programming.zip - Install appropriate driver from Atmel FLIP package - hold button while inserting the duck into a windows computer. The duck is now in firmware update mode (DFU) - Run 'program.bat duck.hex' There will be more releases as the week goes on.
  7. The duck is red and has a new layout. That's the only change hardware change. I am still hard at work on the new firmware. Thanks for hanging in there.
  8. The firmware does not currently support this. The duck is working off a set table of know keys, so inorder to support the UK charter set we need update the firmware to support a command to let the duck know what set to use. I am working on correcting this problem as we speak. Watch the wiki for updates. Thanks for your great work on the online duck encoder!
  9. USB combo devices are possible. Is mouse control something we should think about in the future?
  10. I am glad you got to working. Adding if statements for a given os is a real possibility. Let's add it to the road map for the next version of the firmware. Keep the good ideas coming.
  11. You need to install Java. http://www.java.com/getjava/ After that head over to http://www.usbrubberducky.com/wiki/doku.php?id=tutorials and follow along.
  12. Duck encoder V1.2 is out. Enjoy! http://www.hak5.org/duckencode.jar V 1.2 -CRLF fix *********** V 1.1 -Minor bug fixes *********** V 1.0 -Release Email Jason@Hak5.org with the subject Duck Bug to report bugs. Duck Script Commands : ALT [END | (ESCAPE | ESC) | F1...F12 | Single Charters | SPACE | TAB] BREAK | PAUSE CAPSLOCK CONTROL | CTRL [(BREAK | PAUSE) | F1...F12 | (ESCAPE | ESC) | Single Charters] DEFAULT_DELAY | DEFAULTDELAY [Time in millisecond * 10] DELAY [Time in millisecond * 10] DELETE DOWNARROW | DOWN END ESCAPE | ESC F1...F12 HOME INSERT LEFTARROW | LEFT MENU | APP NUMLOCK PAGEDOWN PAGEUP PRINTSCREEN REM RIGHTARROW | RIGHT SCROLLLOCK SHIFT [ DELETE | HOME | INSERT | PAGEUP | PAGEDOWN | (WINDOWS | GUI) | (UPARROW | DOWNARROW |LEFTARROW | RIGHTARROW) | TAB] SPACE STRING [a...z A...Z 0..9 !...) `~ += _- "' :; <, >. ?/ \|] TAB UPARROW | UP WINDOWS | GUI
  13. I know this is an old post, but the wiki is back. We are working on updating the content as you read this.
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