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  1. Just a quick side note, and this if speaking from a 3G/4G wireless carrier perspective, I know that the billing data includes details such as the IP address that a client/customer has at any given time. So all that would have to be done is to cross reference the IP address with the date and time of the incident and the client/customer that was seeding could easily be identified. There is absolutely no way around this, no matter how many times you try to force your IP to change, the "paper trail" is there.
  2. I would use an SFV app, this would create the .sfv file with all the checksums in it. Then at the other end, rev3 would just run an SFV checker on the parts to make sure they were all ok.
  3. I think the prank is on you. Seems the teachers have taught you the wrong way to spell senior.
  4. lol thats a fair comment lol. Not that im a malicios person or anythink, but i would really like to see a virus for Mac that is devistating lol, as mentioned not coz im malicios just coz im sick of all the Apple Vs. MS adds, like were wondows is dressed up in the fake nose and glasses, its getting anoying (hope u guys also get these ad's other wise i sound like a knob). and also all my frineds going out and spending 4k on an Ibook coz they belive security is key (they have no media authoring ideas at all <_<). Would love to help u out, though sadly i have no real experience with applescript or Mac's in general, on that of the days of the old school yard, sneaking over to a friends house so we can play LSL, and Strip the bar maid ^_^. If it was possible to write a "devistating" (or any for that matter) virus using applescript, don't you think it would have been done by now, after all, OS X has been around for just about 5 years (10.0 came out on March 24, 2001). Now, there are and have been exploits for OS X, and there will continue to be, but, they do get patched. The fact remains, there are 0, zero, zip, nada, etc Virus's for OS X. There had been some "proof of concept" claims, but, those required the user to do something, type their admin password, etc. As you may have guessed, I am a Mac user. I have been since around October or so of 2005, when I received my Unix workstation at work, a 17" Powerbook. I was hooked. I have since bought a Power Mac G5, as well as a 20" iMac (Core Duo). Not only is OS X superb, but the machines are damn sexy looking too! In the year - year and a half, I have been able to concentrate on working on my machine, and not working my machine. (I am sure I will get flamed as being a fanboy, etc, and frankly, I am, and proud of it)
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