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  1. lol ill be really luck if i do. i dont mind getting the connection i hate paying for the shipping :( seems a bit pricy for a wire
  2. Thanks for the info ill shop around see if i can fine a connection at a local store if not order it online thanks for the help!!!
  3. How far does the pineapples mark VI range reaches? Becuase i cant get any clients farder then like 3 feet... and i was testing the wifi strength with my phone and i try the 5dBi Antenna and the 7dBi Panel Antenna and theirs not much diffrence and when i disconnet the antenna i get the same wifi strength... i dont know too much about wifi antennas i may be doing something wrong?
  4. I have tested this with a regular usb hub with no extra power (4Gb flash drive <- HUB ->usb wireless card) it did not have enoght for the usb wireless card but once in a while it could not read the flash drive
  5. I found a flash type website that store a lot of funny (and of course some bad stuff) but all in all moslty silly and funny as so: http://z0r.de/448 and i have meaning to try to make a randome page loader, because im mostly using it at my college. So mostly 90%+ of students will be using google. So im not sure if flashes could work as good as gifs but i think this website has a lot of diffrent kind to use from if we can just rediret them to the page... what do yall think? (sorry if i dont make sences its late and cant sleep and i just want to belong lol ...~.~)
  6. It has happend to me and nothing i did fix or got me any where, so i send a email to sandisk of how to fix and it end it up their sending me a new flash drive because it was a knowen issue. Still waiting to get the usb.
  7. i think it takes a bit longer to set up really (i did not had time to really test it out and all)
  8. i have not hear of it thats why lol but is it like the VNC ? where you see what their really donwing not screenshots?
  9. ok i was not the one that truly created this but i put it togeder somehow and it works. i been wanting to get a keylogger for a long time but they never were free and if so it would only give you crap well i found this tutorial of a pass sniffer (meaning they have to have their pass save in their browsers and what not to get it ) and i bet alot of ppl do so i wanted to share this wit every one for one small favor .... i need a AV killer so noting in the flash drive gets erase or prevent us from getting what we want other then that yall can share yalls ass of dont ask me about errors all i know
  10. hi first time post here well i try to use ape on a flsh drive but it wont boot up do you have a up dated one? or more info of how to install?
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