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  1. hmmm... well i use mine everyday and it works perfect.... basically it depends on your style an what u wanna use
  2. understandable.... well there are allot that can be done with dual and tripple booting and everyone started somewhere.... just keep in mind what u want to use BT4 for and do some research (seriously) :)
  3. your right about that..... i dont use BT4 often either that y i run it as a usb drive.... i wanted a quick way to get rid of it when im done doing stuff and leave no traces back to me :)
  4. hmmm... watever works for u then fine..... Virtual is a better way to go anyway but i guess everyone has different reasons and some would wanna dual an triple boot.... i have done it before an i did'nt think it made sense that i had to restart every-time i wanna use another OS..... i was just trying to help an i guess it was'nt needed
  5. Ubuntu and Backtrack dont go well together when dual booting or watever.... best thing to do is create a persistent usb drive for BT4 only an u can boot from the usb and run it with no problem.... i had the same problem u had so now im running BT4 from usb... persistent changes means u can save ur changes on ur usb drive just as a normal hard-drive..... and big file u may need can be saved on ur hard-drive.... here is how i did it (my usb drive is 4 GB) >>>> http://forums.remote-exploit.org/bt4beta-h...-4-changes.html also u can just do virtualization and run ur other OS in VirtualBox so instead of restarting to use another OS u can just load it up in ur main OS.... mine is Ubuntu and everything else is Virtual "Food For Taught"
  6. hmmm.. well on my laptop which is about 8 years old (panasonic toughbook CF-29) ..... i have Ubuntu 9.10 installed on it and everything else is Sun VirtualBox with USB support... i can run Ubuntu safely with about 3 different Virtual systems running at the same time..... i think u should make ur favorite OS ur main and run everything else in VirtualBox... "Food For Taught"
  7. H247


    well i will have to upgrade my motherboard... its an Asus board but its own by HP so they blocked everything. i mananged to overclock my CPU at 8% and it runs great @ 61*C full trottle.... my onboard video is overclocked 30% also... my motherboard temp never exceeds 41*C so i guess ill keep these settings for now
  8. H247


    yea i really need to get some terminal paste.... my uncle has some but its just for him to find it :( ... but thanks for they reply... guess i cant go any higher until i get it :(
  9. H247


    ok here are some shots of the old CPU heat sink and the new one>>> OLD: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3047...p;id=1573629786 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3047...p;id=1573629786 NEW: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3047...p;id=1573629786 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3047...p;id=1573629786 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3047...p;id=1573629786
  10. H247


    hi all.... i was wondering does anyone know about overclocking cpu's? and if so..... how much can i overclock my Hp Pavilion a1730n? i currently have a Atlon 64 X2 5000+ prosessor overclocked to 4000Mhz+ but for some reason it only goes that high if needed to.... i benchmark over and over and raised the Clockgen higher and higher but i still cant get it to past 2612.2MHZ.... a few times i open up Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS4 at the same time and it jumped up to 4818.2MHZ for a quick second then back down.... i dont want to raise it any higher because i have no cpu seal but i did mod a different fan into my computer (i will have to shrink my pics to upload them here) and it idles at: CPU: 41*C CPU Core #1: 36*C CPU Core #2: 35*C Motherboard: 40*C Harddrive 1(SATA drive 320GB): 41*C Harddrive 2 (IDE drive 150GB): 37*C I also modded 2 fans to the side of my computer panel that blows air directly on the Motherboard... Pics soon
  11. no rush for me i just block people like that :) .. thanks for the heads-up
  12. yea i got 2 like that today from "Dersterman" and i blocked him plus included the reason y>> "i am running Ubuntu and i know i do not have any viruses"... that was earlier today about 9am and i just went back to his page and he is Banned.... one down so i think when u guys get mail like that u should block them and include the reason y B)
  13. guess ill keep digging then cause i have a feeling somebody somewhere have upgraded this great model laptop to beyond its manufacture limits... thanks for the help though :)
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