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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to download songs from Grooveshark with Saver2 and for the life of me I can't...
  2. Update is awesome, it is a shame with the playlists thing :\... With the badly rated songs, does it just delete a file if it is negatively rated then? Or like if it is on the negatively rated list, does it delete it then as well?
  3. Im not entirely sure if y'all deal with web page creation here. I have an idea for a website though, it needs to be able to communicate with a (rather vast) database and find compatability between objects, along with displaying specs and such. I am looking for recommendations on languages, and links for those recommendations. I was thinking of using MySQL for the database, but I am not sure about the interface. Any help what-so-ever will be greatly appreciated. If I ever actually am able to create the website I am sure it will be useful to this community and I will post the URL here.
  4. I just want you to know I love this program and use it every day. I do however wish that it did a little more library editing. Such as, if you have a specific thumbed down song in your library, it would delete that song. Which I would think is possible, however, due to permissions in Vista (Not sure about Win7) it could have problems deleting it if not ran as admin. This is an awesome program though, and I greatly appreciate you creating it for free. Keep up the good work ^_^
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