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  1. hey I am looking to create/find a Web Page/script that can be used to learn XSS by doing without actually hacking anyone's server but my own. Edit note In light of damn vulnerable web app and http://www.milw0rm.com/papers/192 there is no need for this thanks for everyone time.
  2. sandisk cruzer bigger the better
  3. hey im looking to get Debian on multipass anyone done it successfully yet? Iv gotten Debian as a live USB image but I don't know where to point the bootlist script anyone?
  4. I much prefer the reader/writer combo although the magnetic strip spoofer http://www.instructables.com/id/Magnetic_stripe_card_spoofer is cool, although I personally like to go to www.dealextreme.com and grab some magnetic cards they look much less incriminating when in real world applications. dealsextream.com has some readers and reader/writers but they are not worth buying I have had some bad experience with items I have bought on the website so I wouldn't take the risk you might have better luck on sparkfun.com In conclusion you should go with a expensive modal if you are looki
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