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  1. You didn't say what OS or anything, but I'd guess you'd want it to be Linux-based (I guess I'd personally favor SystemRescue CD http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page) or Windows-based (I'd go with BartPE http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/). Tricky thing with Bart is to load the drivers for the types of IDE/SCSI interfaces you have (Bart on Windows can handle everything from a standard PATA to a full-blown Proliant DL380 G6, so long as you have the drivers). I've tried SystemRescue on a Windows system with little luck, Bart along with a good imaging utility (Ghost or Acronis, they both work fine and I've experience with 'em) will usually do the trick for a recover. For situations where the original controller is damaged and the disks are all that's left of the data, I'd try for a replacement controller (honestly). It may be cheaper than attempting a repair otherwise. Are you trying to like simulate a controller? Maybe get a later version of the same controller and that might help.
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