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  1. Excellent! Thank you very much.
  2. So sorry. Let me clarify. What brings up the question is an Apple Airport Extreme, but on all routers would be nice. Yes, allow incoming and outgoing connections, or don't allow incoming/outgoing connections. Generally login's for public wifi and things like that. SSHing my traffic though a server back at my house to get around them. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to force open, close, or block ports without having a router login. I know when I'm out and about, and I connect to a public wifi, I need a login. I try to ssh around, but of course all ports are closed for me to get though. It would also be nice to be able to close ports on routers without having to log in. Has anybody found anything like this?
  4. I've been working on setting up a Open-Mesh rouer with Jasager using this tutorial, but at step 8, when I try using opkg to unpackage the ipk files, I get an error, "opkg: invalid magic". Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to solve it?
  5. So, what are people doing for an interface for this device?
  6. All very cool ideas, thank you.
  7. Apparently, the DVD player in my room is now broken. I don't know how it happened, but the audio and video output isn't working with the current TV. Not wanting to fix it, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for DVD player hacks or mods. What have you guys done or wanted to do with a DVD player. I'm looking for something relatively cheap, but functional. Even if it does little, simple things, it'd be better then sitting there not doing anything.
  8. Alright, thank you for the suggestion! Edit: I've looked around, and I've found two you mentioned. The PicoStation and the Bullet. Would you go about installing it on these two the same way as the Fon, and are there any other devices that I can set up like the Fon?
  9. I was just wondering, if there will be any development for a pineapple/interceptor using the Fonera 2.0N, since it's no longer possible to get the Fonera/Fonera+ from the FON website?
  10. Hello. Does anyone know how I'd set up a multipass so I'd be able to boot from everything using my Mac? If it matters, running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 I'd be looking to install: BackTrak 4 Pre Release OPHCrack GParted Kon-Boot and another security Linux distro I've yet to decide upon. Any ideas?
  11. Haha, sorry. I found an answer in this thread. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14114&st=0
  12. Hello everyone. I'm having a problem with using PeToUSB on my 8GB Dane-Elec USB. I format my drive to FAT32, open PeToUSB, I select "Enable Disk Format", "Quick Format", and "Force Volume Dismount". It gets to 50%, and then says, "FormatEx Error[11]: An Error Occured Formatting the Drive.". I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone PLEASE help?
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