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  1. Where i can definie such nifty things?
  2. Do you have at least a fixed ip adress?? I was thinking about a vps to have some fun with netcat and route some traffice threw those systems, like in those films when they try track the signal of the bad guy and its jumping from country to country B) And to really use that connection i need a good bandwith to watch videos or something else ....
  3. How are you using two wifi cards? I can only think of using one for airodump-ng with channel hopping and using another one "attacking" an accesspoint. But is there any possibility to use 2 or more network cards together?
  4. Well for a good/better WLAN-Connection you always need two strong ends, so it don't really helps having a nice Alfa if your router only has a 2dbi antenna or whatever. So the improvement is not that great because my accesspoint is a weak and old piece of hardware ... Same thing if you wan't to use aircrack-ng or whatever, you have to be in range of the accesspoint. But if you just want some passive wardriving, such a big antenna is a great thing to have. But i haven't compared the 5dbi vs. my 9dbi antenna yet, because here isn't mutch wifi traffic around (I'm living in a smalle village). I bought the alfa and the 9dbi antenna in a bundle so it wasn't that expensive, but i guess i wouldn't need such a big antenna because most accesspoints / routers don't offer the same power as I'm now doing.
  5. There is no much velcro needed it actually hold the things really tied to the cover of my eee. On my picture it was a 9dbi antenna with the AWUS036H 1000mW. I will also get the new Alfa with WLAN N-draft and 5Ghz capability (AWUS050NH). It will join my first Alfa as well as my gps-stick (thanks for the idea Seshan). If you need a short USB-cable just get a normal one (I think it's about 1m) and cut out what you don't need and then solder it together. @Seashan: Are you pleased with your ND-100? Because my Navilock NL-454US is really bad, even my cell phone gets better and faster gps fixes
  6. Here is the result of my work. It's pretty nifty and fully supported by aircrack-ng and kismet. Will be fun to drive threw my city and do some wardriving.
  7. No one here who could test the internetconnection of the domain.com vpns??
  8. Hi Hak5-Community, i hope this is the right subforum to post in, if not pleaze shift it over, thanks. My questions is, how good is the Internet Bandwith from the VPS of domain.com?? Because I have at home a 1mbit connection and need an computer somewhere to tunnel all my traffic threw. And a little subquestion: Can I get an VPS from domain.com with debian installed? Only saw CentOS on their homepage. ps.: Only need to use Couponcode HAK5 to support the show right?
  9. I got one to christmas last year (3x3x3) and now I can solve it in under a minute with the Layer-by-Layer-Method. Didn't try any other methods ....
  10. Thanks for that idea. I will give it a try.
  11. Hi Hak5-Community, i saw this nice picture in our gallery: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?autocom=g...=si&img=252 I want to ask if someone else have tried to something like that? My favourite would be a Alfa AWUSO36H on the backside of my 1000he. Other ideas would be gps or a fon+ on the backside. Alien
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