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  1. I'm reigniting my thrill in soldering electronic projects. I just recently built a TV-B-Gone and have been enjoying playing with it. Does anyone else have any suggestions for kits to purchase or easily put together projects to build? I'm not an electronics engineer nor do I know a ton about this stuff, but I enjoy building the projects and would like the satisfaction of doing more. Any ideas??????
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    This is HUGE for me! Tonight I now have Ubuntu running on a VB! I'm so proud of myself. Working on learning about programs for hacking/snooping and how to install/run programs from command prompt which is new to me.
  3. Trapr

    New hacker

    Cool, I'll try that! Still open to lots of other ideas. I'll learn everything I can about the subject. And you are right, I guess the better explanation is that I'm not looking to do harm to anyone. Just a hobby and to learn more.
  4. Alright, so I'm 35 years old, I like working with computers and I'm in school to get my 2nd B.S., this time in computer information systems. I've always liked the idea of hacking, but have never known anyone who could teach me nor know where to look to learn. What do you suggest for places to look for me to learn about hacking? I'm not looking to take over the world or to mess with some company, just something to play around with to learn more about how computers work and stuff.
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