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  1. i got it to receive internet which is great but it now takes Google like 20sec to load
  2. THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FOR REPLYING im alot closer to where i need to be but i am not able to connect to the internet so if you guys or anyone else has any suggestions please im willing to try anything... my state right now is i believe my Acer i sending and receiving packets now because the lights on the Ethernet jack are lighting up (not alot but enough to make me happy)... like i said im getting closer i belive and would like people to reply with any ideas they have!
  3. the errors i am getting are SIOCSIFADDER: permission denied SIOCSIFFLAGS: permission denied also i tried running dhclient before the startx command and all permissions are denied if you have any other suggestions i would like you to reply
  4. the "/etc/init.d/wicd start" failed but thank you for trying to help me out
  5. hi there i am confronted with a Big problem i would like to install backtrack 4 onto my new christmas present a new Acer aspire one D250 but come to find out that the computer is having difficulties hooking up to my home network (or any network for that matter) i can not hook up via Wifi or even straight up Ethernet! and if i can not hook up to the interwebs i don't want to install it if anyone has any suggestions please reply
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