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  1. On one of hak5 videos he is on a Eee machine well most of the videos he shows. There is a VM on the Eee Machine so i assume that you can
  2. Ok thank you sir..I was thinking of using VM with Backtrack 3 or when ever Backtrack 4 is finalized or bug free..With XP... thank you very much...
  3. Yea your right i could have re word it in a better way too..didnt know that it was a difference from notebook and laptop..but now i just need to know what windows i should use..Either vista, xp or windows 7..
  4. I just found out 5 mins ago or i wouldnt have bother posting on here
  5. Ghod man how old are you? Bit immature dont you think? But thank you for your answer..But its not dell mini or any of those others. I had a friend tell me what it is. Its a Eee Machine from Asus...So thanks for all the dumb stupid comment i got on here!!!!
  6. Hello Does that really matter? Why did you even post in the thread lol
  7. Hello im not trying to be a jerk or anything. I really dont care about all what you just said. But all i want to know is what kind of laptop is it and what type of windows software is better? I am not hacking anyones wifi or any other such. Not understanding why is this hard to answer? :(
  8. Hello Please dont asnwer my post with some rediculous answer. If you feel the need to flame or answer the post without correct answer to the question given just go some other place..I am just looking what kind of laptop that guys is using and what windows i should get.
  9. Hello i have a questions. First i would like to say i have been watching your videos and there well done and enjoyable. I have been learning a lot and you guys are funny. Now as that said i would like to know what kind of laptop should i get to go about wifi hacking. Not sure if i can use that word or not but i apologize if i do. I am at the benning stage here :) Well as i watch your videos you have this little laptop. I would like to get something similar as whats on the video. I do have a laptop but its on windows vista 64 bit. Here are some questions i am looking for answers too 1. What is that small laptop they use on the video. The one i remember now is on the video man in the middle. The guy on the right has a small laptop. What is the name of it? If you do know do you know were i can get me one and what are the specs on it 2. What kind of windows should i get? Should i use windows 7, vista 32 or 64 or go back and use XP home or pro. See i do have a laptop but its a 17inch sony windows vista 64 and cain and able dosent work on this for some reason. Thanks in advance for all the answers binary
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