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    You're welcome. ;-)
  2. I'm also going to go with NOD32. I really don't like Symantec. They're better than they were a few years ago, but still bloated. BitDefender has to be the worst I've ever used - it's a cow and we've had nothing but problems with it. Viper isn't too bad and is light weight, but we've found that it has let a few things through that it shouldn't. NOD32 is the only one I've found that works good consistently, has a nice administrative interface for you as the admin (lets you push, monitor who has updated recently, etc.), and isn't a system resource hog.
  3. I've been wanting to try to ride a supermoto - kinda like a dual sport but with smooth street tires. I heard it's kinda weird though because the back end likes to come out like a dirtbike and slide if you corner aggressively at all. You guys with the dual sports - has that happened?
  4. I saw Darren is a fan of bikes, which is rad. Here are mine: Bags off Bags on And of the off-topic-to-this-thread variety. Pedals included, 2009 Trek Soho S Recent Christmas present from the wife, 2004 Honda CRF50 (so far modded with new plastics, tall seat, BBR bars, and (not visible) 250lb shock/strut combo)
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