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  1. related/unrelated
    TalkTalk's wi-fi hack advice is 'astonishing'

    "They had been investigating the spread of a variant of the Mirai worm, which was causing several makes of routers to stop working properly.

    During tests of a TalkTalk model, the researchers discovered that the vulnerability exploited by the worm was also being abused to carry out a separate attack that forced the router to reveal its wi-fi password."

  2. 7 hours ago, Decoy said:

    Wow, I have to say I am impressed with Xfinity on their default passwords in this case. Looks like I will have to settle for WPS pins on those instead. I'll update with my lockout findings. Thanks for the info.

    FYI gemtek seem to be access point/4G routers or internal WiFi cards! The cat and mouse game continues with default passphrases. I could see some sort of decentralised OCLhashcat whatever with participants being rewarded with bitcoin or something. Does anyone know what limits the crack rate? Is it stream processors or is it raw clockspeed or both? Wheres the bottleneck? Which part of the silicon is OCL stressing?

  3. Loving your work! Is there any merit to a random walk through the keyspace? markov chains? Does the routers ssid/mac address influence random key generation? There also must be a non-repeating rule when generating these keys that states you can't have more than two (for example) of the same characters in a sequence. So if attacking a 2WIRE 0-9, 10char, 8765934999 would be a wasted attempt because of the 999 at the end. How drastically could you reduce the keyspace?

    I note your entry for virginmediaXXXXXX says 3 weeks, but its the same complexity as VMXXXXXXX-2G/5G at 6 days.


  4. Hi all,

    Bought reaver pro last year in the Black Friday sale, tested a few networks with it...

    Initially Terry was very helpful, very sales friendly, there was a bit of noise on the forum, it sounded like support would be there... then... nothing!

    Still waiting for WEP support because believe it or not people still have old routers knocking about from 10 years ago, especially in less economically developed regions that i've visited, and oddly touristy/sleepy retirement regions in the south of Spain. 3G data here is capped and ridiculously expensive!!

    Can I flash the wifi pineapple firmware? I hear the reaver pro has 64Mb and this is larger than the 32Mb the V4 ships with (?!)

    anywho, worth a shot!



  5. I was watching Darren's intro to U.R.D probably on Youtube the other day and wondered if an AutoHotKey script could do something similar, or help out. Naturally the compiled EXE script would have to be running locally with admin but the concept is still the same, it could type all the commands, source code, compile, run etc. It could help with instances where you want the shell window to go away, just have your AHK EXE piping into an invisible CMD /C window, or typing out code somewhere else.

    Of course it's easy to point out that if you're already running an EXE, why would you want it to make more EXEs to do more work, and to that i'd have to say to split the load and execute payloads faster...?!

    Perhaps AHK could fetch code from the web to be compiled. AHK's SEND mode, for typing to the screen is much faster than what a keyboard/duck can do. (SendMode Input)

    Just thought i'd fire that one out there.. love the show, keep up the good work :)

  6. yeah i'm doing the "between jobs thing too" at the moment. after holding down some helldesk job for 14 months just the stress of it all and feeling like I had no control over my life made me quit!

    so yeah I can pretty much spend all day geeking around on the net but it is constructive. learning about all sorts of hacks and how people do things. if i was feeling more resourceful i'd dumpster dive and flog stuff on ebay. for the time being i've got a bit in the bank and my outgoings are super mega low.

    1# keep a structured schedule. rise early, go to bed at a sensible time

    2# eat good food not junk

    3# keep learning

    4# be helpful

    5# volunteer

    6# make something awesome

    7# watch this

    8# some URLS u might like here here and here.

    also here, here and here and here!

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