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  1. I also just got my lan turtle and found the openvpn module claiming to start in the turtle shell, but not actually running. Thanks to nycaleksey, those commands made it work via turtle shell.
  2. I'm backing that one now. It seems like very nice product.
  3. I have a mc server. its running the week 27 snapshot. you will need the week 27 client jar to access it. You can get it here: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w27a/minecraft.jar the server is: test.visualkev.com Its a straight up vanilla server
  4. I think XP pro might. home edition is unlikely to have it.
  5. I got tired of the desktop wars, after unity and then mint trying to fill the void. I've spent a lot of time with both, but decided to go a different direction with archlinux. All you get is a base system. Anything you want, you will have to install and configure it. Yes, it's a lot of work. It took me a whole day to get my system where i wanted it. The pros: you learn much about the nuts and bolts of linux, Arch's repos are the most complete I've used so far in my years of open source usage, you get a system just the way you want it. The cons: It is a lot of work, you need to be proficient on the command line, you need some understanding of whats needed to get a desktop computer to your liking. Don't let the cons stop you though. you can definitely learn as you go. I spent much time with web searches and reading the archlinux wiki while setting up my PC and laptop. I did the laptop first and found that getting the wireless to function the way that i'm familiar with was challenging. The important thing about this very manual setup is to be patient and keep reading. Things won't always go right, so you'll likely be searching for a solution to an error you got during your process.
  6. Can you use the ALFA USB WiFi as a general purpose, home wifi hotspot? I have a linux box as my router and i'd like to do my own wifi. the box is a Shuttle X and has no open pci slots, so this seems like a fairly straight forward solution, if it works. If so, what is the recommended software package to use with it? please comment. thanks -Vis
  7. Nothing wild, but it is geeky and handy.
  8. My name is Kevin Favorite game: Sim City 4 Favorite OS: Ubuntu Favorite console: - Nationality: US Accent: none Sex: Male Age: >=1 Race: Caucasian Height: >=1 Status: <1 Build: >>1 Favorite band: Breaking Benjamin Favorite book: what's a book Favorite author: huh? Favorite movie: many Favorite director: hell if I know Favorite TV Show: SGU, Fringe, Sanctuary Favorite actor: many Favorite actress: sooooo many Favorite Pinup: pretty gurls Favorite Comedian: - Other hobbies: drawing, web design, gadget tinkering, music listening Car: Chevy Blazer Occupation: IT admin for an event production company
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