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  1. I also just got my lan turtle and found the openvpn module claiming to start in the turtle shell, but not actually running. Thanks to nycaleksey, those commands made it work via turtle shell.
  2. My name is Kevin Favorite game: Sim City 4 Favorite OS: Ubuntu Favorite console: - Nationality: US Accent: none Sex: Male Age: >=1 Race: Caucasian Height: >=1 Status: <1 Build: >>1 Favorite band: Breaking Benjamin Favorite book: what's a book Favorite author: huh? Favorite movie: many Favorite director: hell if I know Favorite TV Show: SGU, Fringe, Sanctuary Favorite actor: many Favorite actress: sooooo many Favorite Pinup: pretty gurls Favorite Comedian: - Other hobbies: drawing, web design, gadget tinkering, music listening Car: Chevy Blazer Occupation: IT admin for an event production company
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