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  1. Bug: The new "View URLs" button in Rate Songs window doesn't follow the bottom of the window when the window is resized. Thanks again for the URLs feature! Very handy when you missed rating a song, but want to check to make sure it's the song you think it is before rating.
  2. My bad. Misunderstood the effect of a "non-vital" update on auto-updates.
  3. ...oh, and I found a bug. Rating songs no longer works in the "Rate Songs" dialog.
  4. Works great now. If you're open to feature requests: - Allow clicking on the main screen while the "Rate Songs" dialog is open. - Hyperlink the song name to the Pandora song page in "Rate Songs" and web song management. - Limit the opacity in appearance to something sane (ie, visible). I accidentally hid my window once and had to hunt-and click for the "Menu" button on my screen just to get it back :-) - Larger album artwork - Toaster-style popups on song-change w/current rating (ala Pandora One or OpenPandora)
  5. Is it just me, or did the sound quality drop with Pandora Client C1.3? Mine always sounds overamplified/overdriven now, no matter where I adjust the volume (in the client, in the mixer, or on my BT headphones). I get that characteristic distortion on any song that's even close to "loud". I don't have this problem playing the mp3 files in other players.
  6. Makes sense. The Pandora client app looks like a good start. I still use OpenPandora because I can scroll back and rate old songs. My only reason for using Pandora One Desktop was because of the higher-res album artwork. If you could find a way of automatically pulling the larger images, I'd be in heaven. In the interim, I'm planning on watching the SProxy logs for the song data, and pulling the larger images from the song profile pages on Pandora.com using some sort of perl script (I don't know any VB). Thanks again!
  7. Sorry in advance if I missed this elsewhere. I looked, honestly. Are there any plans to add support for the Pandora One Desktop application? Or, if there already is support for it, what am I doing wrong, because Saver2 doesn't see any of my songs? Thanks much. Awesome app!
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