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  1. Does this program still work? I've tried with no success with the portable version as well as non-portable.

    Desktop Dir: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\PandoraRip\

    Application Data Dir: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\PandoraRip\

    Output Dir: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\PandoraRip\

    Temporary Files Dir: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\1\

    Application Temporary Files Dir: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\1\PandoraRipTemp\

    Any advice for fixing this? I've done all the caching disabling, etc... but no dice yet.

    Check this thread out . . . I use Vista and this plugin works great.

  2. Also, I noticed that this feature is glitchy. at times it can run for hours and keep refreshing, and other times it doesnt even make it past 30 mins. I beleave that this might have something to do with I.E. not having focus or not....or it just could be glitchy, dunno.

    That has happened to me too . . . I have it set to refresh every 30 minutes, but sometimes it doesn't a little quicker. It hasn't caused any problems yet.

    Another issue that I have found is that once in a while I get "unable to rename song.mp3.tmp to song.mp3. the file already exists." when in about 78% of the time the song DOES NOT exist. Does anybody know how to fix this? I know jack about C#. between working 2 jobs (one full time and the other almost full time), I have no time to learn C# atm.

    Haven't ran into this yet . . . thankfully.

  3. So far WinAMP has audio fingerprinted all my missing tagged MP3s perfectly.

    So Winamp cleaned 'em up for you automatically?

    Using MediaMonkey on top of the cleaned MP3s to embedded the missing album art. Even though most of my albums were purchased from iTunes, Apple doesn't embedded the album art.

    MediaMonkey is great. I like cleaning up album art with it as well.

  4. It works on Vista! I couldn't be happier. 

    There was a very old version of Pandora's Jar that must've been abandoned at some point which completely and correctly tagged the mp3 ripped from Pandora, but you had to specify the file naming format by manually editing some line in some file.  Does anyone know if the same can be done for this new version?

    Also, yesterday I left this new version on overnight with Cruise Control active, and reload rate set at 30 songs.  Checked out my music this morning, and there were problems - multiples of the same old track were being given the names from new tracks playing, so most of the music downloaded was entirely wrong.  It would be great if there was a feature so that a song that has already been ripped will not be overwritten by a duplicate.  I can only assume all this trouble of wrongly ripped and tagged songs has something to do with the reload rate.  What is the recommended reload rate? Right now I'm set at 12 to be safe. 

    Very good job on a great program. 

    I have the exact same problem, does this happen to everyone?


    Yes, I believe it does.

  5. I just fired it up and gave it a try.  It didn't rip the very first song but so far has grabbed the next two without issue.

    This is pretty cool.  Thanks.  8-)

    EDIT:  It ripped the first 3 songs without any issues, but for some reason missed 4 and 5.  I refreshed my pandora.com page and it grabbed the next song.  I checked and all I had was a plugtmp folder, but the strange thing was that it only had the 3 songs in there and not the next 2.  Once I did the refresh it show the next successfully ripped song.

    I guess I'll see if I can figure out how to manage my flash plugin cache.

  6. I was able to get it back working by first opening PJ in one tab and pandora.com in another.  For some reason cruise control wasn't working right off, so I set it to manual, grabbed a track and then reset to cruise control and successfully grabbed another track.

    Did we have to do something like that a few versions ago?

    Oh well, it's working again and I guess that's what matters.  8)

  7. EDIT:  Upon further inspection, I don't even have an "MP3" folder in the "C:Pandora" folder.  I have done several different installations, the 7.4.0, 7.4.0 blended, 7.4.0 CF7, and 7.4.0 CF7 blended, each within their own unique folder names, and all 4 have no folder named MP3 within.  If they're being saved, I sure can't find them.


    That happened to me when I installed Beta_CF7 . . . I just manually created the mp3 folder and the files are saving just fine.  I'm listening now and things seem to be working great.

  8. Does anyone else have issues when you have the "add to iTunes" set to on?  On the occassion that PJ actually rips a file and names it correctly, it then adds it to my iTunes library and immediately starts to play the newly added song.

    I only recently started using the "add to iTunes" option so I guess it could've been doing it all along, but I thought I'd check.

    I'm using Flash 8.0 r24, PJ v. 7.4.0, Beta_CF7

  9. It's doing the same thing on my end as well.

    Update: things seemed to have actually improved since I originally posted this.  I am now able to scrobble files over to lastfm as well as rip them to my MP3 folder and iTunes library.  Well, at least there's more hits than misses at this point.


  10. Automating your method comes to mind first.

    I use a bat file to start up my jar anyway. just add a bit to it...

    cd c:pandora

    start "Program FilesJavajdk1.5.0_06binjava"-jar pandora.jar 8085

    cd c:Program FilesMozilla Firefox

    start firefox http://www.pandora.com/

    ping -n 8

    start firefox http://localhost:8085

    This worked for me when I switched it to the ports I'm using, but for some reason it's stuck on manual grab mode. :?:

  11. Now that the delivery of song and artist name to the Javascript methods has been dealt with, I can get back to doing what I actually indended to do when I came back to this little project: this java backend is now steadily in my crosshairs.

    Already some code cleanup has been done and (*gasp*) documentation has been written. Once this cleanup and restructuring done (I'm hoping before the weekend, but no promises. It's a *MESS* in there) I'll put up a nice 8.0 release and we'll see where this leads us.

    Sounds great. I can't wait. :)

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