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  1. i see. but i guess this week is a bad week for me or something, cause when i tried to use Hiren's Boot CD 9.5 Burned onto a cd, that didn't work either. got rather demotivated. its like as if the computers i'm working with are currently taking a dump or sth. =(
  2. :( i guess i'll have to then. but why is there such a problem with hiren's boot cd? its like my favourite tool cd.
  3. Hi there. i'm new to the forum and i digested the 5x24 and 6x02 (not too sure about 6x02 but i'm sure i went through the other video) in regards to multipass/multiboot usbs. i have a few questions regarding this as i have been going through a few problems all night and i am stuck like mad. it should also be noted i am a linux noob, but i felt proud to have at least solve a few problems along the way. i have wanted to create a multipass at the moment with at least Hiren's Boot CD and Ubuntu. I have also chosen to include Ultimate Boot CD and GParted as well for times when i will need it - m
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