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  1. thanks alot man, yeah doing all the research now :)
  2. hey guys im need need of your l33t advice! so im a final year student at uni and i have decided to do "ARP cache poisoning through Man in the Middle attacks" for my final year project so here is a small overview what what i intend to do *Exploring the design vulnerabilities in ARP * The tools and methods which are used to perform MIMTM attacks based on the above vulnerabilities *studying current available mitigation techniques available *developing a new mitigation technique or improving a current mitigation technique ( i am leaning towards combining 2 mitigation techniques that already exist) so what tools would you suggest that i use in this project?? will i be able to use the wifi pinapple or the Throwing Star LAN Tap?? or any other tool you guys might have? i also plan to use Katana and Ettercap to demonstrate the attacks (physical machines will be used for this) i also would like to know more tools that i can use to do these attacks i would greatly appreciate if you guys would be able to share your thoughts and ideas on this and hopefully guide me through doing the attacks part of this project ive already emailed darren but didn't get any reply from him, but its ok i understand he has a lot of work to do thanks in advance :)
  3. i have tried out the hurricane but not the bandit ... my only gripe with the hurricane is i don't think its the original body kit that came with the bike i hope to buy one of these two on or before this Sunday thanx for your opinion :)
  4. guys i need ur help .. i sold my bike (Yamaha TTR250) and now i have have a make a quick decision in getting a new one i have 2 in my mind id like have you guys opinion my first choice is the suzuki bandit 250cc here are some real pics of the bike im thinking of buying http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/6791a.jpg http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/6791b.jpg http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/6791c.jpg and my second choice is the Honda CBR hurricane 250cc and here are the pics of it http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/7020a.jpeg http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/7020b.jpeg http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/7020c.jpeg so what do u guys think i should get???
  5. real name - shehan usernames - overkill AKA hackariah Favorite game: modern warefare 2 Favorite OS: gentoo Favorite console: xbox 360 Nationality: US ( i wish) srilankan Accent: none Sex: Male Age: 18 Race: asian Height: 5'11" Status: <1 Build:little bit to love xD Favorite band: snow patrol Favorite book: eh??? Favorite author: ummm Favorite movie: too much to mention Favorite director: got a lot Favorite TV Show: supernatural,smallville,office, Favorite actor: jonny depp Favorite actress: emma roberts Favorite Pinup: pretty girls Favorite Comedian: - Other hobbies: surfing,attampting darrens MIMA's and just the usal in the hacker life Bike:Yamaha TTR250 Occupation: student at Portsmouth university (networking and cybersecurity)
  6. got my hakpack3 but no temp tattoos and the long "trust your technolust" stickers :( :(
  7. i just got a Yamaha TTR250 about 3 months back yes i know its not that powerful but i just turned 18 and a 250cc bike is a big deal where i live :P
  8. i got the hakpack 3 from darren but i had to pay but the best part is that it was delivered on Christmas day so i like to consider it as buying my self a presnt xD other than that notheing for christmas :(
  9. i ordered the hakpack3 hope it arrives soon =)
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