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  1. real name - shehan usernames - overkill AKA hackariah Favorite game: modern warefare 2 Favorite OS: gentoo Favorite console: xbox 360 Nationality: US ( i wish) srilankan Accent: none Sex: Male Age: 18 Race: asian Height: 5'11" Status: <1 Build:little bit to love xD Favorite band: snow patrol Favorite book: eh??? Favorite author: ummm Favorite movie: too much to mention Favorite director: got a lot Favorite TV Show: supernatural,smallville,office, Favorite actor: jonny depp Favorite actress: emma roberts Favorite Pinup: pretty girls Favorite Comedian: - Other hobbies: surfing,attampting darrens MIMA's and just the usal in the hacker life Bike:Yamaha TTR250 Occupation: student at Portsmouth university (networking and cybersecurity)
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