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  1. thanks alot man, yeah doing all the research now :)
  2. hey guys im need need of your l33t advice! so im a final year student at uni and i have decided to do "ARP cache poisoning through Man in the Middle attacks" for my final year project so here is a small overview what what i intend to do *Exploring the design vulnerabilities in ARP * The tools and methods which are used to perform MIMTM attacks based on the above vulnerabilities *studying current available mitigation techniques available *developing a new mitigation technique or improving a current mitigation technique ( i am leaning towards combining 2 mitigation techniques that alread
  3. i have tried out the hurricane but not the bandit ... my only gripe with the hurricane is i don't think its the original body kit that came with the bike i hope to buy one of these two on or before this Sunday thanx for your opinion :)
  4. guys i need ur help .. i sold my bike (Yamaha TTR250) and now i have have a make a quick decision in getting a new one i have 2 in my mind id like have you guys opinion my first choice is the suzuki bandit 250cc here are some real pics of the bike im thinking of buying http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/6791a.jpg http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/6791b.jpg http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/6791c.jpg and my second choice is the Honda CBR hurricane 250cc and here are the pics of it http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/7020a.jpeg http://www.automart.lk/uservehicle/7020b.jpe
  5. real name - shehan usernames - overkill AKA hackariah Favorite game: modern warefare 2 Favorite OS: gentoo Favorite console: xbox 360 Nationality: US ( i wish) srilankan Accent: none Sex: Male Age: 18 Race: asian Height: 5'11" Status: <1 Build:little bit to love xD Favorite band: snow patrol Favorite book: eh??? Favorite author: ummm Favorite movie: too much to mention Favorite director: got a lot Favorite TV Show: supernatural,smallville,office, Favorite actor: jonny depp Favorite actress: emma roberts Favorite Pinup: pretty girls Favorite Co
  6. got my hakpack3 but no temp tattoos and the long "trust your technolust" stickers :( :(
  7. i just got a Yamaha TTR250 about 3 months back yes i know its not that powerful but i just turned 18 and a 250cc bike is a big deal where i live :P
  8. i got the hakpack 3 from darren but i had to pay but the best part is that it was delivered on Christmas day so i like to consider it as buying my self a presnt xD other than that notheing for christmas :(
  9. i ordered the hakpack3 hope it arrives soon =)
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