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  1. Im new to linux, but after a few weeks of intense research, i feel like a have a decent ground knowledge for the OS (im macintosh native) I dont have a computer that i can readily install linux on, so ive been messing around with Live USBs (on a windows native box) it seems that Bactrack is the popular choice around here, so id thought id go ahead and try that, but ive encountered a few problems. mainly i cant connect to the internet. i have a ipw 2200 wirless card, and when i go to compile it (using airdriver-ng compile 10) it keeps saying "Kernel headers missing" How do i go about solving
  2. I was thinking about getting started on my own multipass, but I wanted to know what you guys thought the best flash drive for the job would be: what brand, how big, etc. Thanks for your help
  3. Its interesting to note that pandora will only charge you approx. $1 for any additional hours over 40. In a sense, this option would make way more sense than the $36 subscription a year. the subscription costs you $3 a month, and what do you get for it? a fancy application and no ads. In the case you do go over 40 hours just pay the extra buck. If you have to do this the entire year, you'll only end up paying $12 a year as opposed to the $36 for the subscription. Are all the frills really worth a potential $2 a month?
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