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  1. That leaves no feasible solutions as far as I can see then :(
  2. Hmm so I guess the final answer would be that this would only be possible using thermo-imaging, with the very expensive camera? and even then there is a possibility that it will be not clear enough? is that right? no other options?
  3. Yeah that thermo - camera is kinda expensive for this purpose, but looks like it will do the trick I am thinking to try a really powerful IR light and a camera that has its IR filter removed, both very cheaply acquired, but not sure if it will work
  4. I found something interesting A guy puts a black rubbish/trash bag over his head and with this camera you can see through it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mV4ecEbV1s could possibly work for cola bottle? :) any thoughts anybody?
  5. I was thinking about working out the algorithm, but my knowledge on that subject is very small its a 12 character alpha-numeric algorithm and every code gives you some points, atleast 2, others give 3 and multipacks give 12 pts. so every code is a winner, its just that you need 100+ points for decent rewards hmmm anyone here knows about cracking algorithms? :)
  6. Coca Cola is doing this promotion where there is a code on every bottle, and if you collect some codes then you can use them on a website and "buy" prizes with codes I was thinking is it possible to use some device to see through the label on the bottle and find out what the code is? then you can walk into a store and just scan all the bottles and get many codes camera with Infra Red filter or some UV light setup or powerful flash or something? the code is etched into the bottle and is covered with coca cola label, which is very very thing plastic anyone has any ideas?
  7. Yeah a good example of what I am trying to achieve would be looking inside a paper envelope to see the letters on the latter inside. Was just wondering what kind of gear I would need for this to work
  8. Hello forum Was just wandering about something. After watching about some people using some IR lens effect to "see through peoples clothes" would it be possible to use some sort of lens and then take a picture of an item that has some plastic label stuck on and see what is under the label? like what text or pictures are under that plastic label? would anyone have any knowledge on this? thanks in advance
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