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  1. Thanks, found it. I'll post it if the problem comes back. Looking at what it logged last night, there were lots of "buffer underflow" entries.
  2. Today it seems to be working fine. Perhaps Pandora was having a problem last night as their site was v-e-r-y slow. For future reference though, and please excuse my ignorance, how do I capture the log for the standalone client? I'm not using any proxies.
  3. Having a problem with the standalone client starting a few days ago. 2 problems actually; first, when starting the client I often get "Failed to execute XMLRPC | Failed to get stations" and clicking play will solve that. Just since yesterday I also find a stuttering after the first 10 seconds or so of a song and/or buffering takes a very long time or just stalls completely. Maybe Pandora has changed something? Nothing changed on my end - running XP,SP3 w/broadband.
  4. Client working well now with today's update :D - THANKS & ALOHA!
  5. Starting tonight (4/18/10) I get "Pandora's protocol version has incremented" when starting the Pandora client. I upgraded to the newest version as instructed and still get the same error. Solutions?
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