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  1. Well, better news! I was able to successfully transfer the Dell Latitude 810 in my name and talk to a support rep.. but you know how that goes. They weren't able to retrieve the master password at this time and we'll see if I have any luck in the future. The CMOS battery is located beneath the laptop battery and I did remove it for over an hour. But I believe the machine has an EEPROm, which will store the master password indefinitely. After some hours of searching I found this http://www.darkmagic.org/mike/dell-tag/dell/dell.html, but I'm still sketch on taking it apart and not completely frying it. I'm determined to get this machine running :o
  2. Hey, I just picked up a second hand Dell Latitude D810 laptop that has a bios password and I've been searching forums for a few hours and haven't come up with much. I tried calling Dell, but since I'm not an original owner they won't give me the admin password. This is my first time ever dealing with a bios password so I looked up as much as I could and found that you need to physically take the machine apart. I tried the simpler, non-invasive tactic of taking out the cmos battery for an hour, but apparently security on laptops are way tighter than desktops. Does anyone have experience with clearing the cmos on a laptop?
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