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    I haven't seen the first page in a while and it seems there's an easier way to do the U3 thing. So rather just go for that. Props to sablefoxx once again, great work, and it's awesome to see someone also digging the glitch-hop scene. :)
  2. w1ldf1re


    I sent my code to Sable, he hasn't replied though. At the moment the code is working perfectly on a U3, with the programs on the CD partition and the logs and config on the USB. The only problem now is that the anti-virus's are preventing the .exe's from running. They aren't deleted though, they just can't run. So we need a Virus disabler or workaround at the moment.
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    Check your inbox. I've used the usb on another pc and it also worked :-) will try some vm's now: works on xp and 7 so far..
  4. w1ldf1re


    Awesome that you're now using Python! I've been doing a course in it at university and it's nice to be able to see what you're doing in your programs and to be able to fix any errors that I get. Hope I can contribute at some stage. :)
  5. is the process reverseable, so one could also write onto a card?
  6. Any news, updates?? Interest at all? I thought this was a really good idea, dont know why it's just dropped... (for all the flamers, i'm not only talking to sable, but the community too, so calm down...)
  7. haha, wow, ya i wasn't targeting him really, sorry if it came off like that, i was talking to the community to see what you guys thought of the idea..
  8. I've been looking into the PloP boot manager, and it does allow USB booting, but from what i can see, it has to be installed, so if there's a way to do it without installing the bootmanager, but rather using it off say, a cd, then that would be great... there have also been mentions of using a linux distro or something, to put on a cd, so when cd is selected, it automatically boots the usb.. i think this (http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=33094) is maybe along the right lines... correct me if i'm wrong on both sides, as i'm not sure about either...
  9. wtf, has this thing just died or something?
  10. Hi all, 1st post of which i hope will be many.. :) I have installed this on my USB, and have had the problem of my system not booting from the USB. SO... I did a little searching and found a boot manager called PloP http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#noinstall which allows you to boot USB keys, i tried it and as far as i can see it works. As i have pointed out in the link, #7 shows an alternative which allows you to use it without install, and several site suggest something along the lines that you can put the ".bin" of the download in the USB and just make a small menu.lst modification from what i can see.. as seen here: -> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/li...27/#post3671669 -> http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1964 -> http://forums.partedmagic.com/viewtopic.ph...p;start=0#p1562 So what i was thinking is that that change can be made through a quick automatic/manual change on the computer, and then anyone can boot into APE via USB and PLoP... If i have missread somewhere forgive me , but as far as i can see, this should work, and will help a lot of people... UPDATE: Ok from what i can see, that menu.lst is linux specific. Still looking to see if anything is necesary for windows.. -- Ps. I seem to be having a problem retrieving the SAM files, i have tried searching google and the forums, but it seems to be unique, or noobish :P I choose 1, as the file is on the C: drive, and i have found the file manually with explorer so i know its there, but when i choose option 1 in getsam, i get: // ----SAM FILE NOT FOUND AT C:\WINDOWS\System32\config\---- SAM File Not Found Manually Enter Path? (y/n) // So i enter the path manually and it still cant find the file. So... ya.. The thing is that if i run the USB Pocket Knife from menu.bat, with dumps using PWSAM &FGSAM, they both return results. Atleast i think they do...
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