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  1. Upating this old thread as I just finally got around to replacing the battery. And the same thing happens on a new battery.
  2. Hello Forum, After many moons in IT, I can honestly say this is the first time I have seen this. I thought I would bounce it around the forums before ordering a new battery which may or may not be the issue. I am working with a Toshiba Satellite p875-s7310. Fairly new, nice laptop. Since the community here is pretty technical, I'll just get to the point without a lot of background and fluff. 1. The laptop will NOT boot on battery power only, the AC adapter must be plugged in. I press the power button, power button light comes on for half a second, clicks off. No Toshiba splashscreen, n
  3. Today a buddy of mine asked me if I knew any way to quickly purchase items from a site as soon as the item was posted. Specifically limited run posters from www.mondotees.com which come out in batches of 350 or less and are sold out in under 10 seconds. Today was a record with the new Tarantino posters gone in 5 seconds. I went google hunting and could only find programs designed to specifically work with eBay. I am wondering if anyone has seen a app or a application framework that could allow quick monitoring and automatic purchasing of specific items from standard commercial sites. Coul
  4. So I bought a 3ish year old Mac Pro tower on Craigslist. Decent machine with 9 gigs of RAM, 3 hard drives, 2x Xeon quad cores, but the previous owner wiped the hard drive and no longer had the original install disks. Probably one reason why is was such a good deal. So working in IT for many years but just more recently needed to get good with Mac, I thought to myself, hey no problem. I'll just go buy a copy of the OS and away we go... wrong. Apparently to combat the hackintosh "problem", you can no longer just go buy a copy of OSX. They have stopped selling the Lion USB install drives an
  5. I have been working as a systems/network administrator since 2003. I have always been a fan of the Mozilla family of products and it's Netscape predecessors. Currently my goto browser is Firefox and I use Chrome as my secondary. I typically have Firefox on my main screen and Chrome open on my second screen for a few sites I have always open; GMail, Facebook, Guild Forums, etc. Those pages just feel faster and more responsive on chrome and tend to crash or temporarily freeze less. I tend to like the flexibility of Firefox with its huge plugin library and the ability of open a permanent boo
  6. I was looking at the Security+ to gain educational hours towards the CISSP. Unless they changed it, you needed a certain amount of hours with a direct security title or educational hours in security to even quality to take the exam. Also, I'm getting certs even with a college degree because in DC area, the college graduation is better then 94%, so you still need to stand out. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Below is my current working plan to refocus my career in IT from Windows administration to information security. It’s a 2 fold plan, starting with getting a couple of MS certs based on what I do in my current day to day work to buff my resume and salary a bit; then redirect to security. I realize there is a long running debate about the value of certifications; but just take my word for it that in the DC are job market, the more you have on paper, the better for you. I thought about saving myself a few months and skipping the MS certs, but they are such low hanging fruit for me at this poin
  8. As a consultant, I sometimes have requests for interesting apps. I have seen a couple of apps that do this, mainly for mobile phones, and all specific to Craigslist. The goal of my small business client, that is mostly a reseller, is to have an application that searches open commerce forums such as Craigslist, Backpage.com, eBay, etc. Once a keyword is found, such as "ipad", the application will send a notification with a link. The notification can be email based, txt message, or even a web interface that refreshes frequently and uses some basic popup. Not being a coder (yet), I'm look
  9. I'm looking for alternatives to phproxy. I would like to run something on my home server that would allow some friends in more restricted work environments to surf the web freely..or at least follow the funny links I send then from break.com :) phproxy is good, but it is no longer being developed. Right now I'm letting 2 of them just remote desktop into my home server with very restricted accounts. I've also considered setting up eyeos. But optimally I would like to allow them to simply setup a proxy in their Firefox settings and surf away. They are of course on Windows at work, so ssh
  10. http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=80256.0%3Bwap2 The workarounds are primitive or additionally costly. Both are imperfect. But in the DC area, Comcast is so bad that downloading a ISO of Ubuntu in bittorrent will cause at least 3-7 resets of my TCP connection in the 30-40 minutes it takes to download a well seeded torrent of 1gb or less. Each time resulting in firewall and Wireshark logs filled with RST SYN and RST ACK entries.
  11. True. Throttling is not blockable, nor can you do anything about interruptions between yourself and the host you are connecting to. However, specifically the TCP RST commands they somtimes send directly to your router when your connections get to a certain level of excessive can be manipulated by a router capable of running IP tables. Specifically the software package called Sandvine, used by Comcast and Time Warner. I will find the links I was looking at early last week at work for reference.
  12. Myself and 2 others are about to start working on a project to build a linux based router. The specific purpose of this box will be to block the reset packets or commands used by Comcast and other ISPs to throttle specific types of traffic, usually file sharing, and force resets of customer owned commercial routers. Comcast still uses Sandvine I believe. I have read stories on the web of success and failures based on ISP and region. Has anyone had any experience with this? I don't believe its as simple of blocking a specific port. Will update this thread as progress is made.
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