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  1. Yeah it setup a ubuntu server with nfs , and allocated a ip to send the NFS export to. So my server with 4tb space is allocated as a data store on my esxi server pretty sweet :).
  2. I have esxi server and a ubuntu server with the esxi having a 1tb drive as its primary datastore for the os's and the ubuntu server with 4tb of storage. I have setup a nfs server and connected it to vm to run it as a file storage , but ...... how do i secure the NFS server so only the server can access it. btw im using webmin to configure nfs its awesome.
  3. Thanks mate , ill do that tonight. Ive been trying to find out the answer you gave me from the net for ages , cheers again /holla australia :)
  4. is there any live cd that can format a drive to vmfs ?
  5. there not on a raid card , just sata to the motherboard. yes there on the hal
  6. Hi , im running a ESXI 3.5 server with ubuntu server and cent os 5.3 on the same terabyte hard drive. Ive installed another 4 terabyte drives to my machine but i don't know how to add those newly installed drives to the virtual machines so that they show up within the vm so they can be accessed. Could someone please help Regards
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