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  1. yep he is, I was going to say just use count(), lol but they point to the same function anyways :P Just a tip, try to have very pretty formatting, for example this: &lt;?PHP for ($x = 0; $x &lt; sizeof($members['MemberName']); $x++) { echo "&lt;a href='logs/".$members[$x]["MemberName"].".html'&gt;".$members[$x]["MemberName"]."&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br&gt;"; } ?&gt; Might look better like this: &lt;?PHP for ($x = 0; $x &lt; sizeof($members['MemberName']); $x++) { echo "&lt;a href='logs/".$members[$x]["MemberName"].".html'&gt;".$members[$x]["MemberName"]."&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br&gt;"; } ?&gt; Oh, and isn't it better to use <br /> instead of <br>, if I remember right, <br /> is valid for both loose and strict DOCTYPES
  2. rename your addons folder and see if it was the addons fault, (usually gmod preloads the addons, hence why it often takes so long to start gmod) if it was, slowly add your old addons till it crashes again, then remove that addon once you've isolated the problem addon, and if renaming the addons folder doesn't help, then find an alternate solution. if worse comes to worse, reinstall fully, by deleting the gcf's and the garrysmod folder
  3. they're just cd's right, create some images, and burn them to a dvd and just mount when you need the other disks. OR! if they install just uses some sort of files such as data##.cab, I believe that you can just copy the .cab files over, and any required directories, and it should just run through the install without even asking for the other disks. But I could be wrong.
  4. Well it's good that you got it sorted, but I very much doubt that the rainbow tables are included, they are very large if I remember, and the bt4 iso is only what... 1.5GB, looks like you're going to have to go grab them.
  5. Ok well, I love watching the show, its awesome, just thought I' let you guys know about this handy little trick I discovered on windows. Now I remember darren was running some program at one point, and his lappy wouldn't suspend due to that program, so for anyone that was wondering, this trick will also hibernate. Now I don't know if this is windows 7 exclusive, as I haven't checked on any other windows os's. So if anyone gets around to it thats great. But I looooooove timing my computer shutdowns with the "shutdown" command for the command prompt (terminal, console, the name is your preference) Its pretty simple to use, you want to shut down your computer full shutdown, just type shutdown -s -t 0 the -s stands for shutdown, and the -t stands for time (in seconds) when you want your computer to shut down. You can also do: shutdown -h -t 0 to hibernate your computer. And you can of course write this to a batch file, give it a pretty icon, and drop it on your desktop so you have a "quick" hibernate button. (also if you don't want the balloon to pop up telling you the task was scheduled, or the warning that the computer is shutting down, you can use the argument -f, for force, any open applications will blatantly close and the computer will shutdown) And if you just type in shutdown, the command will respond with all the awesome shutdown arguments you can use ! Hooray! Trust your technolust?!
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