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  1. I'm definitely offering my services. C++ was the first language I learnt, about 4 years ago now, + known C for ~3. I'm always trying to finish off some project inbetween lectures but I finish all my exams in a month, so I'll be looking for some programming to do. This should be fun.
  2. If you right click you may be able to re-format the drive. Re-formatting may help. -Jez
  3. Hmm... Sorry to advise something simple, but did you turn Karma on? and learning from digininja: the wiki tutorial referenced above doesn't get it working fully. The DHCP server has to run on the Fon (setup by default) to allow you to see the assigned IP in the jasager interface. And with respect to MitM, As its already in the middle, you just fire up wireshark to get some packets. Say you want to do some more interesting stuff: ettercap filters are pretty fun.
  4. Austrailia is nice. Shame about some recent news stories though:
  5. I'm not sure about windows. Just running on linux would be your best bet as that is what the software is designed for. Maybe If you get hold of the source code you could compile it on a windows machine into an .exe But I dunno, lol. -Jez
  6. jez_mp3

    nmap ?

    What's with you guys? The young Mitnick would be ashamed... Have some fun with him. As long as he isn't doing anything illegal, or use a lot of bandwidth with torrents, keep him on the network. Run Nmap, find his IP, MITM with ettercap. Write a filter that swaps every image with "goatse.jpg" see how long he keeps using the network . ???? PROFIT! Be creative, I thought having fun with guys like this was standard stuff. If he keeps using it, add more filters once a day, redirect him from google to klingon google. I know this is a late reply, but C'MON! Hacking is about having fun! -Jez
  7. =- Fire up Backtrack3; =- Open up a shell: "ettercap -G"; =- Scan for hosts; =- View host list; =- Add appropriate target to "target 1" and router address ( to target 2; =- MITM -> ARP -> Check "sniff remote connections"; =- Start Sniffing (if you don't do this, the target cannot connect to the interwebs); Certificate authentications will pop up on the target's browser, most people just click accept. If you don't want this to happen you'll have to get physical or complete remote access to the targets computer and upload your certificates. In my opinion, not worth it. Any SSL passwords will be shown in the ettercap GUI interface without any decryption needed. If you like, open up Wireshark to get any another yummy packets. So in this case, Wireshark isn't even necessary to get your passwords. Don't use windows XP? if you really have to, use Cain. I believe there is a link above me. Cain is easypeasy to use. Good luck, young padawan. -Jez
  8. No problem, tell me how it goes. I got to wait a month for my cable, so would like to know how you get on.
  9. Try starting from step 11 on the install/setup guide: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9908 Reflashing it nearly always works. Try this linux script for a quick flash (nearly always worked for me until I bricked myself out one day, now waiting on a cable for a serial boot); sudo ./easyflash eth0 openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma Good luck, Tell us how it goes.
  10. You may have bricked it. I'm in the same boat after disconnecting it trying to do something similar. Your best bet is to flash it again, using a serial cable. The guide to do it is here: http://hak5.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=12506 If this doesn't work then you maybe out of luck. But that is v. unlikely, as the serial boot is like CPR for the fon. Best of luck. > EDIT: Also, if you are no good with hardware, like I am, a user on here called "digininja" is selling the necessary cable for a good price. I hope he doesn't mind me advertising.
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